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Aquinas and More Founder Launches Initiative to Help Catholic Stores

Colorado Springs, CO – Ian Rutherford, founder of Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, announced a new program to help Catholic store owners and potential store owners run better businesses.

Consisting of over 100 blog posts, weekly newsletters, a book, and personal consultation, HowToRunACatholicStore.com offers multiple paths for a Catholic store owner to follow. “I have been posting business tips on our Musings from a Catholic Bookstore blog for nearly eight years and have been fielding calls from current and potential Catholic store owners for years on all sorts of topics. I thought it was time to consolidate all of this information into one place for easier use.”

The number of Catholic stores has remained relatively steady over the past decade but that stability is deceptive. Dozens of stores open and close each year for a variety of reasons but according to Alan Napleton, president of the Catholic Marketing Network, many have not performed the necessary due diligence necessary before opening any business.  “Individuals who open Catholic Book and Gift stores are usually mission driven which is a wonderful thing,” said Napleton “but unless they operate their stores as good businesses they won’t have their ministry for long.  Ian Rutherford has operated a successful business and ministry for years and I’m very happy that he is going to be sharing his years of expertise with other store operators.”

While there are plenty of self-help resources on the site, the key resource is one-on-one coaching. Rutherford is offering both phone and in-person assistance for those who want that extra accountability for their progress. “Over the years I have talked to many individuals who wanted to open a store and were describing locations and and ideas over the phone with me. I really wish I could have said ‘let me come see what you are trying to do.' Now I'm able to offer that as a service.”

Ian Rutherford is the Founder and President of Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, the largest Catholic store on-line, and has been offering advice to other Catholic businesses for the past seven years. He has spoken at Catholic Marketing Network trade shows and consulted on The Intelligent Catholic's Guide to Operating a Catholic Bookstore.


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