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Announcing Laudamus Te – a New Traditional Missal

True Story

My wife and I have eleven children. Several of them are under four which means that their attention span at Mass lasts until Father makes the Sign of the Cross. A couple of them can still be quiet until the Gospel and maybe, just maybe, we'll make it part way through the homily before one (or more) of them decides that they have better things to say than father.

As soon as we are out in the narthex with whichever one-volume (loud) child needed to leave, we remember that all of the sheets with the readings and propers are in the church and we don't have one and a regular missal is too bulky to juggle in one hand with a squirming child who really wants to help eat the missal in the other arm.

Finally, there is a solution. Introducing

Laudamus Te



Laudamus Te is a beautifully printed missal available as a subscription or as single issues and will cover the entire Tridentine liturgical year in six issues.

Each issue includes:

  • All of the propers for each Mass (including weekdays)
  • The Ordinary of the Mass
  • Meditations before each Sunday's Mass
  • Brief lives of the saints for their feast days
  • Essays on the liturgy and Catholic tradition
  • And more!

View a sample from the Laudamus Te inaugural issue

Even if you already have a 1962 missal you probably know someone who could use a convenient, compact missal. I'm actually getting my wife a Laudamus Te subscription for Christmas.


  1. Is this Laudamas Te before Vatican II or after?

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