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Angry Customer, Exhibit A and B

Aquinas has sent two e-mails. The first one indicated that the item would be available in December. This was fine with me. Now Aquinas sent another e-mail indicating that the item “is expected to be available in March of 2007”. Aquinas should have known that when I placed the order and informed me. I got the impression that Aquinas wanted the order and then, they would inform me that the item is not available until March of 2007.

What actually happened is that the publisher had given us a shipping date of “sometime in December” last time we asked about this book. When we placed our order for more following this customer's order, they informed us that the publishing date had been moved back to March. We explained this to the customer in the second email we sent him.

Right before Christmas we had a customer call and yell at one of my employees because we said that we would be happy to exchange his t-shirts or give him a store credit in accordance with our return policy. He accused us of being some huge company pretending to be Christian in order to prey on the unsuspecting customer.

Isn't it nice that people give you the benefit of the doubt?


  1. Maybe you should accuse him of being some huge customer pretending to be Christian in order to prey on the unsuspecting company.

    Just a thought…

    I would never yell at anyone serving me from any company. I’ve seen too many movies with employees spitting in food to treat them badly. But I’m sure that Aquinas and More employees would never spit on anyone’s holy cards!

  2. The hardest part is not answering in kind.

    It drives me nuts that so many things can go wrong at this time of the year, and the first response from a customer is that it’s your fault. It could have been the weather that caused the problems, or damaged in transit, missing…

    Same goes for a lot of suppliers. (It couldn’t be our fault, must be yours.)

    Oh well, back to getting yelled at.

  3. I worked retail for 9 years before deciding to move back to the family farm. One thing I have ran into is the company I ordered from sent the wrong item and then it becomes my fault not the companies. Our shipping companies were really good at loosing shipments also. I have seen where the supplier only had one item and it was sold before I had a chance to order it, then the part was backordered. There are many different factors that will delay an order.

    Getting mad only makes your blood pressure go up and doesn’t get what was ordered here any faster.

    I have ordered a few times from Aquinas and More and have shopped in the store, I have always recieved excellent service and will continue to do all my shopping there.

  4. As for the “yellee” did you immediately absolve this person? It is your Christian/Catholic obligation to do so. Then it is said and done and over with. As for the “yeller” your expression of dissatisfaction with A&M was handled improperly and in an very un-Christianlike manner. You should call that employee and apologize, and ask forgiveness.

  5. Absolve? Forgive, yes. But unless a priest, cannot absolve!

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