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An Open Letter to Catholics Who Give Awards to Dissidents

To the CBPA,

I would like to register my extreme displeasure in your association's honoring of Mike Leach at the recent RBTE. The award is supposedly for “In recognition of a lifetime of dedication to the values supported by Catholic publishing. As author, editor, and publisher, few have achieved excellence in, and had such profound influence on, so many facets of the Catholic publishing industry.”

While I won't deny that he has had a profound impact on Catholic publishing, I would say that he neither portrays values supported by Catholic publishing nor excellence in Catholic publishing.

The speech he gave in which he asked the Pope to stop banning his books, praised his friend and classmate, the head of Call to Action, and his apparent pride that he left the priesthood to get married are only the beginning of a list of reasons that he did not deserve the honor he received.

His work on editing books for dissident priest and porn writer Fr. Andrew Greeley, editing for Crossroads and Orbis, two publishers who have contributed greatly to the spreading of dissent within the Church, and editing the works of Joyce Rupp who frequently refers to God as “she” in her writings and seems to have a very un-Catholic view of spirituality are just more examples of why Mike should not only not be receiving such an award, he shouldn't be given any publicity at all for his contributions that are destroying the Faith.

I can't say I am surprised that he received the award based on the board membership for your organization but it is proof that we have a long way to go before we will see an end to the praising of dissent as a good thing and instead praise those who build up the Faith and lead more to Christ instead of away. It also shows that your organization is very disconnected from the average Catholic bookstore and those who shop there.


Ian Rutherford

The Reply From the CBPA:

    Thank you for your comments regarding the CBPA Lifetime Achievement Award. The Board appreciates the time and thought you have taken in making your opinion known.

Terry Wessels
Catholic Book Publishers Association

If you would also like to register your opinion with an organization that rewards and promotes heresy, send them a note.


  1. The CBPA just doesn’t get it do they? I’ve never understood how someone can say they are Catholic and yet work against the Church. They are in need of conversion, penance, forgiveness and redemption. Let’s remember them in our prayers.

  2. Michael Leach – Lifetime Achievement – for telling Catholics that they can pick and choose – for promoting Cafeteria Catholicism?? Doesn’t sound like the Catholic Book Publishers are representing orthodox Catholicism – does it? and they sound so concerned over your well thought out letter.

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