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Amy Welborn Tells Why to Read Wish You Were Here This Summer

We invited the authors and publishers of our Catholic summer reading selections to send us short posts explaining why their titles were worthy of your time this summer. If you haven't already voted on your top three selections, go do that now.

Amy Welborn comments on her latest moving book, Wish You Were Here:

Wish You Were Here is about traveling, family, life and death.  Although the central event: the 2009 death of my husband might seem “too depressing” for summer reading, those who’ve responded to my book tend to agree that it’s ultimately a book about hope. All of us, whether we have directly experienced death or not, we all live in the midst of limitations, disappointments and losses of various kinds.  In short: it’s not heaven, yet. Wish You Were Here is really about that: about discerning and welcoming God’s grace that abounds, inviting us to His eternal embrace in the midst of  – and even through – the mysteries of life – and death – here on earth.

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