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America Magazine – A Case Study in How Not to Find Advertisers

Fr. Drinan with Edward Kennedy
Fr. Drinan with Edward Kennedy - Source: America Magazine

Every now and then we get calls or letters from the National Catholic Reporter or America Magazine asking us to advertise in their publications. It is quite obvious that no research is done by the advertising staff before the time and money is wasted on these efforts.

A case in point: the advertising packet I received from America Magazine yesterday. The full-color folder promoted the fact that 2009 was their 100th anniversary and also includes two sample copies of their magazine.

The first issue includes a cover with a picture of Father Drinan and contains a sympathetic look at his last days as a congressman. Fr. Drinan was a notorious Jesuit who served in the US Congress for five terms representing Massachusetts.  During that time he had voted in favor of every pro-abortion piece of legislation that went through that body and provided moral cover for other “Catholics” who supported anti-Catholic positions in the US government. He was finally forced out of office by Blessed Pope John Paul II  in 1980. As soon as he left office he helped Barney Frank, one of the most anti-Catholic (from a legislative perspective), congressmen win the seat he was vacating. In the 90's he wrote an op-ed in favor of partial-birth abortion.

The other issue lists as the featured web content for the month an article by heretic Fr. Richard Rohr.

For anyone who takes even ten minutes to study our store and blog, it would quickly become apparent that you will never win our business by sending us this type of writing.

So what's the take away?

If you are looking for advertisers keep these things in mind:

  1. Know who you are trying to sell advertising too. Don't waste your time with a company that doesn't fit your demographic.
  2. Find out ahead of time if you are already working with the company you are calling. Over the years I have lost track of the number of times I have gotten sales calls from companies we were already doing business with.

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