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All You Need to Know About America

Every time I go to the Catholic chapel in our mall, I collect some of the magazines that get put on the racks. I tend to take things like America magazine and the Catholic Connection from St. Anthony Messenger because they are things I don't normally read. One of the older Catholic Connection magazines had an article saying that contraception was a personal choice.

This latest trip produced a genuine treasure Рa single paragraph in America magazine that illustrates exactly what is wrong with America. This paragraph was at the end of a four-and-a-half page retrospective of the importance of America  magazine:

But the hard decade [the Bush years] ended well. America does not recommend presidential candidates snort, but it pointedly reminded readers that racism is a sin America readers must be on the low end of the iq scale if this had to be mentioned and that a conscientious Catholic could vote for a pro-choice Way to use the liberal terms to deflect reality candidate if other “life” issues, like torture and war, outweighed the abortion problem Funny, I don't think the Church ever said that either of these outweighed “the abortion problem”. In fact, I recall a few bishops and that Benedict guy saying quite the opposite. The editors did not conceal their satisfaction with the result And the various pro-death policies the new president has enacted? How do you feel about those?. The election of Barack Obama was a “a chance to reverse [the United States's] dismal standing in the world Oh, now we know the real reason they are happy. They are concerned about reputation. It really has nothing to do with morality. The opportunity comes not a moment too soon.”

Oh, and the little pull-out box in the middle of the article?

From the archives, Hans Kung and Karl Rahner, S.J., discuss infalibility americamagazine.org/pages

I wonder what conclusions they come to…

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