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All Advent and Christmas Items are 15% Off

Stock up now before they are gone!


  1. Very interesting article to read…

    Parental frustration is certain when raising child. You spend your time money and energy on raising child.

    In today’s world, parenting is an exhausting as well as a thrilling experience. Parenting is not that easy and in no way it is impossible. All that it requires is patience, creativity and willpower.

  2. I call to mind a quote a priest once said: “The families are getting smaller and the houses are getting bigger.” Somehow our grandparents & great-grandparents were able to raise large families in small homes, whilst surely not earning a large income. It irks me that the government punishes families nowadays who don’t send their kids to daycare. (Daycare is, afterall, tax deductible, right?) If the government had any sense for the long-term good of children, they would be offering tax deductions to those who raise & school their children at home.

  3. While I agree with much of what you had to say here, I kind of stumbled on this paragraph:

    “The most disturbing thing about this flawed report is that “Results of this study should be of use in developing State child support guidelines and foster care payments as well as in family educational programs.” Did you catch that? States are basing child care payments and foster care allotments on data that is seriously flawed.”

    Indisputably the figures are off … but why is the “most disturbing thing” the fact that these figures would be used to develop foster care levels? There is a dire need for good foster homes, and currently compansation rates are less than $14/day per child. Foster parents are in no danger of becoming independently wealthy on state subsidies! (Nor are most of us in it for the money.) I find other aspects of the report far more troubling, including the fact that undiscerning readers might use the study as a reason to contracept or abort a child. Now THAT is disturbing!

    Heidi Saxton

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