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This blog is the property of Aquinas and More Catholic Goods. We plan on posting our thoughts on Catholic retailing, the Catholic Church and also as a place for our weekly newsletters.

Since the logo is a little complex I thought an explanation would be in order. The ox in the middle is the original logo for our store. Thomas Aquinas was known as the “dumb ox” because he was a very portly monk and very quiet. People thought he was big and stupid.

The shield with the papal seal was added  when we first updated our logo as a symbol of our defense of the Faith and to go with our “Good Faith. Guaranteed.” promise. The blue and white stand for Mary.

The saints holding up the shield vary depending on which site of ours you are on. Our main Aquinas and More Catholic Goods site features St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Thomas More, our namesakes. Our Catholic Store Finder site features St. Brendan the Navigator and St. Christopher, patrons of travelers. Our blog, Musings from a Catholic Bookstore features St. Raphael, patron of happy meetings and St. Frances de Sales, patron of journalists and authors.

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  1. You definitely remind me of Secret Agent Man.

  2. I found your blog while looking for something else entirely, but I noticed the list of publishers. I thought you might want to add Once and Future Books to that, since our first project is the republication of the complete unabridged fiction of Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson. We’ve got about half of it available on the web site, http://www.benson-unabridged.com

  3. Hello – I am co-chair of the fundraising committee for my son’s school – Catholic School – St. Liborius in Crete and Steger, Illinois. Our committee is responsible for raising $80,000 this year to meet a big portion of our school’s budget. In order to help accomplish this, we hold a raffle. The tickets cost $100 – only 600 maximum will be sold. The grand prize is $10,000. There are 15 cash prizes, plus at least 20 other merchant donated prizes. This is our school’s most important fundraiser as virtually all of the proceeds from ticket sales stay at our school.

    Please contribute to the faith based education of some of America’s youth by purchasing a ticket – and maybe you will be the big winner of $10,000.

    Please send checks payable to St. Liborius, 24201 S Kings Road, Crete, IL 60417

    We will promptly return your valuable raffle ticket to you!!!

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration!!!
    Jennifer Stickler
    Proud Catholic Mother!!!

  4. How can I located the article mentioned about draining the baptismal fonts during lent?

  5. Richard McCullen

    I am looking for a copy of “Selected Letters of St. Francis de Sales” edited in 1960 by Elisabeth Stopp. Who knows if the person to whom I loaned my treasured copy (but now forget the nameof the borrower) may read this and moved to repentance this Lent may return it…! As this is unlikely is there any unwanted copy of the book available for sale at a reasonable price?

  6. Richard McCullen

    I live in hope…Thank you for printing my request for a copy of “Selected Letters of St. Francis de Sales” edited by Elisabeth Stopp.

  7. I like reading your blog. Hope everyone is doing well!

  8. I found this through your comment on WDTPRS regarding the Breviary.

    I just made an order a couple days ago from Aquinas and More. They’ve got an amazing selection. Thanks for such a helpful Catholic online bookstore. I will probably get around to buying some 1962-era books in the future.


  9. I am hoping that someone may know if there is a published list of theaters that will be showing Bella in the western suburbs of Chicago, especially Bloomingdale, St.Charles, West Chicago, Naperville areas? God Bless and thank you

  10. A friend sent me your link and I am honored and blessed to have my book, The Catholic Home:Celebrations and Traditions, featured on your Thanksgiving Day page. I hope you stock (and encourage) readers to buy the paperback edition. It has more content and an index.

    I also want to mention Come to the Table: A Catholic Passover Seder, which I created Plowshares Publishing to publish. http://www.plowsharespublishing.com. The book is gaining wide acceptance for parish and home use. Thanks be to God! Please include Plowshares Publishing on your list of Catholic publishers.

    Blessings to you for all that you are doing to support Catholic writing and publishing.

    Pax Christi,

    Meredith Gould

  11. Hey Ian,

    Here is a story about more Chinese sweat shops that you probably want to read.


    God Bless!


  12. I couldn’t agree with you more on your comments about buying from your local Catholic bookstore. We opened a store in Hastings, MN about 3 years ago and I was here on my computer trying to find a good way to market it for sale. We just can’t afford to keep paying the interest on the money we borrowed to get it going anymore. It is one of those situations where it is doing to well and has enough people who appreciate it to much to just close it, but not well enough for us to afford it anymore. It is frustrating to have to try to compete with Amazon or the large chain stores or for that matter even some of the Catholic publishers who will sell directly to the parishes that your trying to develop a relationship with. Anyhow, keep encouraging people to buy from us small folks who have their best interests in mind and please keep us in your prayers that we can find a faithfull Catholic to buy our store.

    God Bless!


  13. Ian,

    Got your Plaxo email, but I dont use Plaxo. I think someone else put me on there years ago and it invited me and I clicked to check it out.

    I am on LinkedIn, however.


  14. Mary Oberle Hubley

    Please include on your list of publishers my site, Nicholas-Maria Publishers at http://www.nicholasmaria.com. Besides commentary in regard to contemporary Catholic Church music and its travails, under “Gate of Heaven” visitors may listen to samples of hymns from my collection of authentic post-conciliar Catholic hymnody. Texts of selected hymns are also available for viewing.
    It is a tribute to the extent of the division of the Catholic world, especially in America and among those most faithful, that this hymnody is so little known and appreciated.
    Mary Oberle Hubley

  15. Forgot to mention that on the front page of the Nicholas-Maria Publishers website may be found the 12-part series, “Stones Instead of Bread,” which includes “What Makes Music Sacred?” With these principles even the non-musician may assess which music is, or is not, appropriate for use in Catholic worship.
    Mary Oberle Hubley

  16. We, too, are grateful to read your news about Catholic businesses. We did not know about the CPSIA at all. Are CDs, DVDs and their cases involved? We have sent to our AMERICAN producer to see if he can certify ours. If not? Whew! What a book-burning!

    One person suggested to add “Not intended for children under 13” on the product description, but that would not work well for us.

    Your Aquinas and More sites are a treasure trove of products and information! Everything is so well connected that I believe that it is the most interactive site that I have seen!

    Mary Hubley had a good idea. We, too, would like to ask you to add us to your list of Catholic Publishers since we have published the Baltimore Catechism preparations for First Communion and Catholic Confirmation on Audio Catechism CDs, Downloads and reprintable Catechism Copybooks. They have proven to be an excellent help for students who need to memorize their catechism answers – especially the prayers and Catholic Ten Commandments, etc. Even adult converts appreciate the freedom to listen to the basic Catholic beliefs while driving or doing light chores!

    RCIA? Homeschool? Sunday School?

    We look forward to our Catholic Catechism Blog being listed amongst your Catholic Blog Affiliates, too. Your affiliates program is a dream to use! Thanks for all great pictures and links.

    Thank you, too, for this opportunity to let others know about our small Catholic company.

    Kevin and Mary Fifer

  17. Thank you for the Catholic Catechism Blog link and the St. Anne’s Helper link! Thanks also for your excellent Affiliate links program. It is so easy to use!

    With confidence in St. Anne,

    Mrs. Mary Fifer
    St. Anne’s Helper

  18. I find your logo disturbing. It looks like the goat sign that members of the Illuminati use. The fact that the logo is before Mary’s colors I find interesting too. Very irreverent strategic. I doubt St. Thomas would like it. This website looks like a heresy which has infiltrated the Catholic Church unfortunately. In the end, the Blessed Mother will crush the head of the serpent.

  19. Your objections to the Vatican website are not clever. You fail to see that what you are loooking for are many other catholic websites such as Rome Reports http://www.romereports.com
    or Papal encyclicals http://www.papalencyclicals.net or http://www.news.va

  20. Thanks for educating us about the process. Very helpful! By the way, I just browsed eBay to see if SEDE VACANTE stamps are available. Someone is already auctioning the complete set including the commemorative envelopes. Such historic events!

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