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My Sisters the Saints

A wonderful story of discovering your true self surrounded by the communion of saints: A Tiber River Review

  • Author: Colleen Carroll Campbell
  • Image Books
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pp.
  • ISBN: 0770436498

5 stars

My Sisters The Saints is a wonderful memoir in which the author Colleen Campbell shares her life story starting in college and continuing through her mid-thirties and the pivotal saints that acted a ‘big sisters' and guiding stars to her as she reverts back to a more active practice of her faith, builds a career, gets married and seeks a better understanding of how to keep all of those things in balance and live a life of committed faith.  The author also touches on life issues, namely how we treat infertility and how we care for the aged and how the Churches teachings challenged and guided her as she and her family faced these issues.

The book follows a wonderful format very reminiscent of James Martin's My Life with the Saints; as Campbell tells her story and the important role each saint played in her life at different times she shares much of that saint's biography. In all, six saints lives are shared ranging from Saint Theresa of Avila, to Saint Faustina to Saint Theresa of Calcutta.  While the focus of the book is clearly on the author's faith journey, I also learned a lot about each saint, and most importantly how seeking their intercession can be of help at times of struggle and not.
I would recommend this book to anyone, but think it would be of particular interest to women discerning for themselves how to balance work and home life, and make peace with the pain and disorientation of watching ones parents age and perhaps even becoming a caregiver for them.  Over the fifteen years or so that this book covers the author must have encountered the writings or images of many, many saints; this book tells the interesting story of how six took hold in a meaningful way.

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