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A Theological Tour of Rome – Quiz Blog 3

I usually submit a blog on Saturday, but I was visiting the Naples area, so the blog had to be postponed until now.   I made a short trip down to the area around Anzio a little while ago which is truly remarkable.  This area is rich in history, both religious and otherwise.  It is home to Saint Maria Goretti as well as the place where the Allies first moved into Italy during World War II.  There is, in fact, an American WWII cemetery where about 6000 American soldiers are buried.  While I was in Anzio I went into a semi-modern church which is unfortunately not in itself very memorable, but the story behind it is very important.  I have a picture posted from this church.  I also have a picture from a church in northern Rome which is notable since it has a duplicate church right across the street from it.

The answers to last weeks photos are:

Picture 1: Santa Maria del Popolo – This picture is taken of an angel on the reredos behind the main altar.

Picture 2: SS. Ambrose and Charles – This picture is taken of the Marian side chapel.


God the Father

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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