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A St. Joseph Home Selling Kit Which Is Faithfully Catholic!

Over the years we've had the occasional customer request one of those awful, plastic St. Joseph home selling kits which come from China – you know, the one that tells you to bury the statue upside down.

As faithful Catholics, we've always had a problem with that. The burying the statue upside down thing is an old Italian folk tradition (superstition, really) that has nothing to do with the Catholic faith. Another old Italian folk tradition teaches that if a woman wants to find a good husband, she should get a statue of St. Anthony and put him upside down in a glass of water in her kitchen. We really don't recommend that practice either.

To address this “problem” and offer our customers a faithfully Catholic version of the popular St. Joseph home selling kit, we present our own:

The Aquinas and More St. Joseph Home Selling Kit helps you to approach selling your home with true faith, prayer and trust in Our Lord – not through superstition or engaging in some kind of quasi-magical ritual.

If you click through and read our new product description, you find an interesting and insightful statement from one of the most-respected Catholic bishops in the country. Let his pastoral wisdom help you to understand what it means to approach selling your home with true prayer and faith.

This is another way we hope to help offer our customers authentically and faithfully Catholic products. It's what we are all about here at Aquinas and More Catholic Goods.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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