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A Special First Communion Day

I can still remember preparing for my First Communion Day. Every day in Religion class we would study the Baltimore catechism questions. After dinner mom would quiz me. Then a few weeks before the big day my godmother, Carol Ann who was pregnant with her third child, took me down to the ‘avenue' to pick out the perfect dress. It was beautiful. White as the first snow with a sheer overlay and a tiny pearl necklace with a little cross attached . And then there was the crown and veil, stockings, and new white shoes. I couldn't wait. Finally the day arrived. I remembered all my catechism questions, I was wearing my beautiful dress and veil, and I was waiting in the back of church to walk down the aisle. But where was Carol Ann on this special day? She finally came in and found me and gave me a big hug and told me how proud she was. I walked down the aisle, sat in my pew and used my new missal to follow along with the Mass. Finally the time had come. I can remember walking down the aisle toward the priest to receive the Holy Body and Blood of Chirst. Finally, it was my turn! The priest dipped the host in the precious blood and said ‘Body and Blood of Christ'. I replied as we had practiced saying ‘Amen'. I felt so happy and holy (I still do everytime I recieve Communion. Now I understand what the sisters had taught us about the power of grace). Afterwards there was a party at my house but Carol Ann wasn't there. I was sad at first but then my mom told me it was time for my baby cousin to be born. I didn't know it at the time but Carol Ann had been in labor that day and insisted on coming to teh church to see me before I received my Firsth Holy Communion. Jennifer was born late that nite. So I recieved two special gifts on that day. The grace of God through my First Holy Communion and the gift of a precious new baby cousin.

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