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A Princess of God ~ by Anna Mae Tippett

I brushed my hand through the layers of fluffy dresses hanging on the racks in the dress store.  I was breathless.  I had always pretended at home that I was a princess, and I dressed up in costumes, but this was surely her royal highnesses closet!  My mom called me over and I examined the long silky dress that she was holding up.  It was pretty and had little flowers on the waist, but I shook my head.  I wanted one that puffed out like a wedding dress.  Finally I settled on a beautiful dress and veil that were just what I wanted.  The weeks flew by fast as I looked forward to my first communion day.  I had my first confession, and we went out to dinner afterwards.  I remember getting dessert, a chocolate cake and a tall mound of ice cream with chocolate sauce poured over it.  I dug in to it with vigor, my grandma snapping a picture to catch the memory.  Finally the day of my First Communion arrived.  That morning I dressed in my beautiful First Communion dress, the folds swishing as I pranced up and down my bedroom feeling like a princess.  My mom did my hair up in curls that bounced when I turned my head.  She finished adjusting the veil, and then she pulled out the camera and started clicking away to freeze the memory of that day into the camera’s small mechanical parts.  Finally, I seated myself into my car seat like it was a throne, and my “royal carriage” swept me off and away.  During church I was so excited that before I knew it everyone was quiet, and my mom was nudging me towards the front of the church.  I was the only person having their first communion that year, so I walked up alone with my mom and dad.  I was shy at first, but as I reached the front of the altar, my fear fell away and I received Jesus into my heart.  And in that moment, I knew that I was not just a mere princess that day, I was God’s Princess.

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