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A Primer on Catholic Missals – Part II

Post-Vatican II Missals

There are three types of Post-Vatican II missals. You will want to find out from your customer which type he is looking for before pulling missals off the shelf.

Disposable missals

Magnificat monthly missalFor people who don't want the expense of a permanent missal, there are two options available. First, there is an annual missal available from Catholic Book Publishing that contains all Sunday readings for a year. Unfortunately, this missal sells out by February and can rarely be found after that.

The other option is the monthly Magnificat. The Magnificat contains daily readings for a month and can either be ordered as a subscription or purchased at your store on a monthly basis. The subscription is significantly less expensive but we have found that the reliability of delivery needs to be worked on. The Magnificat also contains morning and evening prayer and spiritual reflections. There is also a childrens version available called Magnifikid!.

Multi-Volume Missals

St. Joseph 3 Volume Missal SetFor customers who don't need a daily missal or want to carry smaller books, a multi-volume set is the way to go. Multi-volume sets are available from two publishers – Catholic Book Publishing (CBP) and Pauline Books and Media (PBM). The CBP version is a three volume set that has a large variety of options. The PBM version is two volumes with a more limited number of options. The CBP set has a yearly guide available that tells which pages to go to in the Missal. The PBM books have a calendar on the inside cover that runs through 2016.

The CBP Sunday Missal comes in a variety of styles, including giant print, burgundy zipper, black hardback, green hardback, red vinyl and brown flex cover. The weekday missals (2 volumes) are available in vinyl and black zipper. You can also get all three zipper volumes in a gift box.

There is only one PBM Sunday missal available and two weekday options – a flex cover and a zipper cover.

Pauline Book and Media also offers the Vatican II Daily Missal in Spanish.

Daily Missals

Burgundy Daily Roman MissalIf your customer is looking for a one-volume missal or wants to have parts of the Mass in Latin, the Daily Roman Missal is the only way to go. These missals have all thee readings for the year, extra prayers and the ordinary of the Mass in Latin and English. The Daily Roman Missal is available in several versions including large print black leather, large print burgundy leather, large print burgundy hardback, black leather and burgundy leather.

I will cover the options available for children's missals at another time.

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  1. The Missals from Pauline Books have a built-in calendar printed on the flyleaf so people can know where they are in the liturgical cycle. It saves the expense of having to buy an annual guide. It’s quite easy to figure out.

  2. thanks for the primer on missals. looking for recommendations of quality Divine office (liturgy of the Hours) 4 volume set.

  3. Hello Sister, I was thinking about the Christian Prayer book when I mentioned the lack of a detailed guide. Ihave corrected the article and thank you for pointing out the problem.

    We will be doing a primer on the Divine Office in the near future.

  4. Which Missal is most accepted according to daily and Sunday readings. I am torn between the St. Joseph and the Roman Missal. Which has more accuracy as far as the readings for each day.

  5. Hi

    Just wondering if there is a difference between Missals published in Australia vs the USA or the UK?

    Are they region specific?


  6. Excellent article, for anyone searching for Missal information – all in one place.
    Few suggestions:

    1. Could you start part 2 by stating how does Post-Vatican II Missals differ from the earlier ones.

    2. Some Comments/Responses here are actually good questions. Wish you could provide the answers. Or even, when you have a fair collection, put it into a Missal FAQ page.

    1. Daily Missals – which have everything in both Latin and English – Do they cover Sunday services?


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