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A Plea For Help

If half of the stuff in this story is true, this family is in serious need of financial help and prayers. During our checkout process we allow people to choose a charity to donate a portion of their purchase to. We will be adding this family as an option tomorrow.

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  1. I am Nancy’s mom and this is not a scam! What is happening to this family is horrible. the State of AZ has been trying to isolate the family and break it apart.
    Nancy is so afraid of saying or doing anything that may hinder her getting the kids back.
    The child they raised for 5 years, Jessie, has been taken away permanently because there was no court order placing her with the family. She is the daughter of nancy’s husbands brother and he gave a ntirized letter giving Nancy and James guardianship for her. No one knows her wherabouts or what has happened.
    Any help that can be given, including novenas, is appreciated.
    Pat Burns

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