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A Photographic Quiz of Rome

Have you ever wanted to visit Rome, but you have not gotten the chance, or are you planning to go to the Eternal City sometime in the near future, or have you already visited Rome? Whatever the case, Aquinas and More has chosen to help to acquaint you with some of the lesser-known treasures of Rome and surrounding Italy. As the youngest brother of Aquinas and More's founder, and as a student participating in the University of Dallas Rome program, I became the perfect person to acquaint you with the heart of Catholicism. Join me over the next few months as I visit the jewels of Rome and post photographs of the sacred spaces. I will not actually post subtitles along with the photos. I will instead post the photos and see if anyone else knows in what church I took them. I will post the answers the following week. I will post one photo with a description this week. It is a night picture of the main building at UD's Rome campus. I will also post a couple of other photos this week which should be relatively easy to recognize.

Rome Campus Panorama


Christ Mosaic

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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