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A Note From a Customer About China

Aquinas & more owner and staff;

Thanks for sharing your business philosophy. Several years ago i traveled several times to China and spent months there while negotiating with their Petroleum Ministry. Later I had the privilege of hosting several teams of Chinese engineers and others here in the USA for extended business and training visits.

Living there during the period just before the explosive growth of the Chinese economy (there was no “western” hotel in Beijing on my first excursion, and only a very few automobiles except for “official” vehicles) I can assure you that your assessment of the Chinese government's policies and goals are correct. The country was then, and is today, run by a cabal of elders and their close associates . . and families. The government's social services are entirely dedicated to keeping the masses quiet and distracted from the behind-the-scenery actual forces in control.

It is one scary place!

I try to avoid Chinese products; but as you know, it has become very difficult to find many common items made elsewhere. Your policy of buying from sources in countries which do not enforce inhuman and evil practices is admirable, and it benefits both your suppliers and us customers. My prayers and my custom are yours!


Chattanooga, Tennessee

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