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A Journey of Faith Valentine

This week, I wish to share with you a special Valentine I have written for my sweet Jesus, a Love unlike any other. My journey will continue next week.

 My Beautiful One

You were there
Through the years
In my darkness
Ever Near
Ever Faithful
Ever Loving
Ever Patient

I come to You
In humility
To ask forgiveness
For my absence
You simply smile
Your arms outstretched
And welcome me Home

It's You I run to
You're all I long for
You are my treasure
My Lord and Savior
I surrender my life
To Your tender care
For You know best

I feel joy in Your Presence
Love in Your Midst
Safety in Your Embrace
I kneel before You in awe
Let me be changed in Your Presence
For You take my breath away
My Beautiful One

Happy Valentine's Day,


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  1. In one class recently an instructor was talking about the declining labor force here in America. No one seems to be able to put two and two together on this one….

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