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A great Father's Day gift idea!

We're carrying a new line of men's apparel from a Catholic-owned company called Lionheart.

Here's a reprint of an article about the founder of Lionheart which ran in the April 22 issue of the Our Sunday Visitor newsweekly – it's very inspiring – we hope you enjoy reading it:

 Article by Gina Giambrone – 

Mingling faith with success

Tarek Saab offers young men a way to share faith without words

When Donald Trump “fired” Tarek Saab during season five of “The Apprentice,” it wasn't the end for Saab. It was only the beginning.

Since his time as a popular contestant on the 2006 season, the 28-year-old has become the CEO and co-founder of Lionheart Apparel, a clothing line for Christian men; authored the forthcoming book “Gut Check: Confronting Love, Work and Manhood in your Twenties” (Spence); initiated a successful speaking career; and began his life's vocation when he married his wife, Kathryn, last May.

Yet in the midst of all of his successes, Saab manages to keep his primary focus on his faith.

“What is worth embracing more than your faith? A family member? A career? A car? All those things are important in their own way, but they are transient. Unless we focus on the eternal, it will ultimately profit us nothing,” Saab told Our Sunday Visitor.

“Personally, I am certain there is life after death, in the same way that I am certain that there is no life without God, so I would be unwise to do anything but make my faith the No. 1 priority in my life,” he added.

Giving men a role

But faith was not always on the forefront of Saab's mind. While he was born and raised a Maronite Catholic, during his college years he experienced a period of spiritual disillusionment.

“Upon graduating, I was blessed to receive everything I wanted in life in a short period of time before realizing that none of those things — money, a nice car, a great job — made me happy,” he said. “In the search for happiness, I found my way back to the Catholic faith.”

Now Saab is dedicated to helping others, especially Catholic men in their 20s, find fulfillment in their faith as well. His work with Lionheart Apparel, which donates 10 percent of all profits to pro-life causes, is connected to this mission.

“Although a person is defined by their actions, we believe a person's choice in clothing can make a statement, and our mission is to provide men with a way to declare their Christian beliefs to the world without saying a word,” he said. “Similar to sporting the jersey of a favorite athlete, our clothing line encourages men to identify with Christian role models throughout history.”

These three things

Saab also encourages Catholics to strengthen their faith through focusing on three things: prayer, the sacraments and spiritual education.

“If there is a deficiency in any of those three areas, then there really is no balance at all,” he said.

In his own life, Saab can attest to the power of prayer and the sacraments, which helped him discern his vocation. He and his wife first encountered one another at daily Mass and were married nine months after meeting. Now, as Saab declares boldly on his ultra-hip website ( www.tsaab.com), he and Kathryn hope to be blessed with “many, many children.”

While he had always wanted to be a husband and father of a large family, at age 26 Saab saw no prospects on the horizon. But he did not give up hope that God had a plan for his life.

“At that time I prayed fervently and wondered if God had different plans in mind,” he recalled. “As a Catholic man, I felt I had a duty to explore the possibility of the priesthood, and so I prayed for my vocation. Two months later I met my wife, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

With a history like his, the future looks bright.

Gina Giambrone, now Gina Loehr,  writes from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. She is a speaker and freelance writer.

To view our complete selection of Tarek's apparel line, click here.


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