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A Dentist and a Duck Walk into a Liquor Store…

Over the past few days I have experienced the power of synergy at several businesses who understand that businesses have complimentary skills that can improve everyone's business.

The first was a local car wash called Quick Quack. The car wash features unlimited washes and vacuum for $13 a month which is great for us since we live on a dirt road. After finishing our wash, a rep from a local windshield repair company that is working at Quick Quack approached our van and asked if we wanted to set up an appointment to replace our windshield. Since our chip is three feet long he didn't offer to fix it.

The second was at our dentist who now has an orthodontist from another office on site once a week for free consultations.

The third which is more about communal support than synergy was an ad I got in the mail from a local liquor store that also included a flier promoting all the stores in the same shopping center. The liquor store is offering an extra 5% off any purchase if you bring in a receipt from one of the other stores. The other stores got to take advantage of the liquor store's mailing list and could get more business for a very small investment.

These are all ideas that you, as a business owner should consider to improve the customer experience in your stores. It sure is more convenient to be able to go to our dentist's office for everything instead of having to drive across town to pour money into the orthodontist's Escalade. It also gives the windshield repair company enhanced respectability by teaming up with an already reputable car wash. And who wouldn't shop locally to save more on liquor?

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