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A Couple of Questions About Global Warming:

  1. How do we know that the current planetary temperature is the “right” temperature? Why is it dogma that ice caps of a certain size and ocean temperatures of a certain level are the “best” for the earth? Did someone find the chapter in “God's Little Earth Manual” entitled “optimum operational parameters”?
  2. Why were news headlines during the seventies (when cars and factories and hairspray cans were contributing much more to atmospheric pollution) screaming about the upcoming apocalypse of global COOLING?
  3. During the middle ages Europe experienced a climate change that resulted in much warmer temperatures. What did the Europeans do to cause this warming trend?
  4. Why should the US sign the Kyoto protocol when the worst offenders of pollution creation in the world (China and India) are exempt?
  5. The devastating hurricane season that produced Katrina was supposedly caused by global warming. Therefore, the complete lack of substantial hurricanes in the Caribbean last year was caused by ____?
  6. Melting ice caps is always described as a bad thing by environmentalists. The overpopulation bogeyman is also a constant mantra of environmentalists. They should be thankful that global warming is helping to solve the overpopulation problem by opening up vast areas of the earth to growth (think northern Canada and Siberia) that have been inhospitable until now.
  7. If there really is no God and we are all just random products of genetic soup, why is there any concern at all about the coming human calamity? Shouldn't there be great rejoicing that we are all going to drown, freeze or burn up leaving the earth to re-balance itself at that “optimum” temperature?
  8. Carefully observe this graph:
    This is the graph all the papers have been trumpeting as the “proof” that we are headed towards a greenhouse disaster. This shows that the average temperature has increased by 6/10ths of one degree in the last 120 years. Now consider the following graph:This shows that we are at the bottom of one of the coldest cycles in earth's history and that, surprise, surprise, there have been much greater climate changes in earth's past that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MAN. Perspective is a very important thing. I suggest reading this article from NASA about the whole climate change issue.
  9. Have you noticed that all the graphs of the alarming temperature increase start around 1880? That's when instruments for recording temperature started to be used in a scientific way. Imagine for a minute that a car has been going around a race track for several hours. It's speed varies from 80mph to 200mph depending on where on the track it is. Five minutes ago someone pulled out a radar gun as the car accelerated from 100mph to 150mph. This person starts screaming that the car is going way too fast and needs to slow down. Would you give any credence to his hysteria noting that the car has gone up to 200mph several times during the race without any problem?

Do I believe global warming is occuring? Yep. Temperatures since the 1800's clearly show that it is. Do I believe we should be good stewards of the Earth and try to reduce pollution? Yep. Do I believe that we should be getting hysterical and start passing laws that will cripple economies and innevitably lead to greater government control over our lives? Absolutely not.

And one thing you can take to the bank is that if those who want to control the economies of the world get into power, they will definitely be making a push for mandated population control.


  1. Is the planet currently warming? Absolutely! Is it man-made warming versus a natural planetary cycle? There is no proof to show that it is.

  2. I’m not completely convinced that the planet is even warming. That graph says it is, but I don’t know anything about the graph. Where is it from? Who compiled it? Where did they get their information? If this comes from people who support the Global Warming theory, I’m personally not going to view it as accurate.

    In addition, the only temperatures that we can be reasonably certain are accurate come from the last 120 years (we can’t ever be positive). In the other graph, 99% of the information there is purely theoretical. For all we know, the Earth could be going through a Global Cooling.

  3. I think the point here is not whether the charts are 100% accurate, but that we must not make laws that make it difficult or impossible for people to live in obedience to God’s laws, or cause panic when we should be trusting God.

  4. The temperature graph is taken from average temperatures at meteorological stations around the world. I don’t doubt the accuracy of the temperature recordings, only the interpretation.

  5. It is pretty clear the planet IS warming from the late 1800’s until now. Again, the point being that it could just be part of the planets long term cycle. A brief warming spike in a longer cooling trend. Either way not something we need to worry about.

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