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Top First Communion Gifts

5 Top First Communion gift ideas

Greetings gift-givers! First Communion season is here, so we thought we’d offer you a few ideas on what to get for that special first communicant in your life.

Now, we know that gift-givers are passionate about finding the ultimate gift, but keep one thing in mind; whatever you get, you’re not going to top the Gift at the center of the occasion. What you want to do is select something that throws extra light on a child’s first reception of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus.

Throw extra light on the Light of the World? Well…in a way. Certainly, Our Lord is bright enough to shine on His own, but showing kids that we think the event of First Communion is a big deal—a party for the soul, as well as for the family—is a great way to start them on a hugely fulfilling sacramental journey.

That said, here’s our take on five top First Communion gifts to consider:

First Communion Bible

Anyone else tired of hearing, “Catholics don’t read the Bible?” You’d think we might have gotten beyond that perception by now, but it seems to still be out there. First Communion is a perfect opportunity to let that special child in your life know that the Bible is a book Jesus wants us to read, not just a book that gets read from at Mass. There are some excellent options out there for First Communion Bibles that introduce children to salvation history at an appropriate reading level and with the biblical content best suited to their age group.

First Communion Bible

Books About Saints

If you wanted to throw a party filled with fascinating people, you couldn’t go wrong with a roomful of Catholic saints. Do a little research and find a saint that you feel your first communicant will find especially cool—a courageous man, woman, boy or girl whose life speaks to the truly amazing way of life that is our Catholic faith.

Saint Thomas Aquinas for Kids

First Communion Rosary

Giving a rosary as a gift can seem perfunctory—a fallback gift for someone who wants to “go Catholic.” But given in the right spirit, a first communion rosary is a gift that can touch a child’s life for the rest of his or her life. The trick is to make sure a kid knows exactly what that rosary represents—a walk through the life of Christ at the side of His Blessed Mother.  And if you need to fight the perception of the rosary as a strictly feminine devotion, there are some nice quotes about the rosary as a weapon that help you with that.

Olive Wood First Communion Rosary


Again, this can seem like an “old standby” but it doesn’t have to be. If it’s possible—since a crucifix becomes part of a rooms “décor”—let the child pick out the crucifix, so it’s one that he or she is drawn to and not your idea of what the crucifix in a child’s room should like. And no offense to the catechist’s in the child’s life, but making sure the significance of a crucifix versus a cross is made clear, and that any time that child has a bad day, his or her hard times can be joined with suffering of Jesus. The crucifix is a symbol of love and sacrifice, but it is also a symbol of how completely our God understands us.

Saint Benedict Crucifix

Glory Stories on CD

Sorry, folks. We don’t mean regaling kids with tales of the way you saved that big game back in high school or the incredible strategic combination of coupons and markdowns that scored you the bargain of the century. But for first communicants who have super-busy schedules that keep them in the car with Mom or Dad a good deal of the time, Glory Stories is a great option for learning about some of the Church’s most popular saints.

Glory Stories

As we mentioned earlier, the best gift you can give a kid is the knowledge of how important the Holy Eucharist is to you, and how happy you are to be sharing that happiness now with them. There’s nothing a kid likes more than feeling grown up, and acknowledgement as your brother or sister in the Blessed Sacrament is a great and truly meaningful way to do just that.

Of course, a really nice memento gift is pretty cool, too!

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