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4 Ways to Make the Most of Adoration

4 Ways to make the most of Eucharistic Adoration

Welcome to April, a month traditionally dedicated to the Holy Eucharist!

Thoughts of the Holy Eucharist inevitably bring to mind thoughts of Eucharistic adoration. And thoughts of how we don’t go to adoration anywhere near often enough. And thoughts of how we often feel like we know what we’re doing when we do go.

Since awkward moments, minutes and hours in the adoration chapel are as common as feathers in a Knights of Columbus Honor Guard, we’ve been thinking about some ways to get beyond them and have the adoration experience we all want—a meaningful encounter with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

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1) Don’t over-complicate it.

No one—especially Jesus—is expecting you to kneel down and go on for an hour in the captivating style of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Be yourself. You’re the person God created. You’re the person Jesus wants visiting Him. Decide why you feel called to adoration and follow up that call with action that makes sense for you are.

2) Just be there with Him.

Adoration doesn’t always have to be conversation. It can simply be time spent in the company of Our Lord. There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly silence. Bring some spiritual reading with you and simply sit with Jesus as you read, just as you would sit with a loved one at home, each of you focusing on something different, yet each happily enjoying the other’s company.


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3) Adore Him by learning about Him.

Make your spiritual reading the gospels. Remind yourself just Who it is that allowed Himself to take on the appearance of bread inside that monstrance. Stop every once and a while and ask Jesus to help you better understand something you’ve read. Or simply stop to stare at Him in wonder of everything He came to earth to do for us.

4) Pray the prayers of the Mass.

If freestyling or simply sitting there just isn’t you, Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio has a great idea. He posted a piece online in which he reminded readers that Church documents recommend looking to the Mass for guidance on Eucharistic Adoration. What better way to settle into the presence of Our Lord than with some of the same prayers we say during the Holy Sacrifice? The Sanctus. The Gloria. The Creed. The Agnus Dei.

Daily Roman Missal

Those are just a few ideas we think can be helpful. There are plenty more out there on the web and probably more than a few resources to consult right in your adoration chapel. The most important thing to remember about Eucharistic Adoration is that Jesus is there and He just wants you to show up for a visit.

Between the two of you, you’ll probably find something to talk about.

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Let us hear from you.

Please share your favorite ways of spending time with Jesus in adoration.

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