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Get Started with the Way of Prayer

3 Ways To Get Started With The Way of Prayer

The Way of Prayer - Learning to Pray with the Our FatherWe’re commemorating St. Teresa of Avila’s 500th birthday with a few brief posts to give you an idea of everything she has to offer to anyone who decides to explore her spirituality. Just be reminded, gentle reader, that brief posts about the spiritual inheritance St. Teresa left us require the use of a shoehorn.

Does anyone still use shoehorns? Basically, we’re going to get our toes into this subject as far as we can in a few hundred words. Today, the subject is prayer. St. Teresa of Avila identified nine “grades” of prayer. Here are three of those nine for you to think about

Vocal Prayer: Speaking to God, one-on-One.

Discursive Meditation: That’s a fancy name for pondering a spiritual truth, looking for evidence of it in your life and resolving to better live it out.

Prayer of Simplicity: Look at a sacred object. Look at nature. Or think about a mystery of our faith and marvel at God through it.

Let’s stop there for now.

Those are some of the grades of prayer we can accomplish somewhat on our own, in that we’re the ones taking action as we approach God. And that’s plenty for beginners like us to take on for a start.

Special thanks to the folks at catholic-church.org and catholicculture.org for providing background on St. Teresa and the Way of  Prayer.


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