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3 Things to do to celebrate May

3 Ways to celebrate the Month of Mary

May. It’s a great month. The weather starts getting warmer, color comes back to the landscape and Christians around the world pray for a winner in the Kentucky Derby.

Not so much for the Kentucky Derby? How about the anniversary of Lindbergh’s Spirit of Louis flight (May 20)? The first Morse code message (May 24)? The opening of the Golden Gate Bridge (May 27)?

Okay. Here’s the one you’re holding out for—the best thing about May is the fact that the Church sets it aside as a month to honor Theotokos, the Blessed Virgin, Mary the Mother of God, Our Lady of (insert your favorite Marian title here).

Now, when we say that “the Church” honors Mary during May, that doesn’t mean just the people who live in rectories and convents, or just the celebrations we acknowledge with Mass. It means all of us, all month long.

It also means we’re free to celebrate our personal relationships with Mary in our own ways. Here are few ideas:

Say More Rosaries.

Yes. We know. Everybody keeps telling you to pray the rosary. That’s because it’s important. Those of us who don’t pray it enough (like your friendly neighborhood blogger) can make a concerted effort throughout May to pray through all five sets of mysteries each week of the month. Another idea is to keep a small rosary or rosary ring in your pocket and say a decade when you find yourself waiting in one of the many lines we find ourselves in during the course of a week. That way, you can enjoy a little quality time with Our Blessed Mother all day long.

Pray the Rosary

May Crowning

Lot’s of Catholic schools and parishes still have these every year and they’re beautiful. Check around and see if a parish near you is going to have one. Many families even do them in their homes. But what about households without little kids? And what about single people? For them, there’s big news. May Crowning doesn’t have to be just a kid thing. Got a Mary statue in your house? Get your queen a crown at a crafts store or doll shop. If you’re craftsy yourself, try making one. Whether you do it alone or with a group of friends or neighbors, a good old-fashioned May Crowning is a tactile experience that can give you a feeling of closeness to Mary you may not have experienced since childhood.

Our Lady of Grace

Support Motherhood

Wishing you could something with more of a corporal works of mercy feel to it? Look for a way to support women who have said yes to life the way Our Blessed Mother did. Whether it’s a donation of time or treasure to a local crisis pregnancy center, an offer of help to a mom with a hectic schedule on her hands or putting in a little extra effort for the under-appreciated maternal presence in your own home, doing something to show respect and gratitude for motherhood is a wonderful way to celebrate the mother Jesus gave to us all.

However you celebrate it, have a Happy Mary Month!

BTW. How ARE You Celebrating Mary In May?

Tell us about your favorite Marian devotions and traditions in the com box.

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