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How can we bring healing to those with homosexual temptations without driving them away? Behind the Catholic Counter Podcast

Living the Truth in Love

Homosexual behavior has surprisingly becoming the defining issue of the decade when only a few years ago the whole idea of homosexual marriage was rejected by the vast majority of Americans. Now, anyone who doesn't applaud homosexual behavior is labeled a bigot and hater. How should the Church respond and help those struggling with these temptations to find peace and salvation without turning them away or sacrificing the Truth?

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Yes, Men, You Do Belong In the Church – Behind the Catholic Counter Podcast

While there are many books written about specific aspects of spirituality for Catholic Men and the Protestants have been writing about it for a long time in books such as Wild at Heart, there isn't much material that tries to present a full vision of Catholic male spirituality. Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers means to correct that with his new book, Behold the Man - A Catholic Vision of Male Spirituality.

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It’s our 13th Anniversary – save 20%

Thirteen years ago, on the Feast of St. Therese, we opened our first Catholic store in Black Forest, CO. The store was about 120 square feet. While we had a front counter and a couple of displays, the primary purpose of the location was to server as the shipping hub for our website.

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