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St. Louis de Montfort – patron of preachers

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Born on January 31, 1673 to a poor family, St. Louis de Montfort had an early devotion to those who were less fortunate than others. At only age 12, he entered the Jesuit College of St Thomas Becket in Rennes where his uncle was a parish priest.

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The spark that ignited the world

John Paul II

The Divine Mercy revelations were given to St. Faustina, a Polish sister, during one of the most gruesome times in world history, World War II. Being from Poland, St Faustina saw firsthand the devastation caused by the Nazi’s. The infamous Auschwitz concentration camp was located in Poland and was responsible for 1.1 million deaths and 1 in 6 of every …

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Who is the father of modern education?

Saint Jean Baptiste

Also known as the “father of modern education,” Jean Baptiste de La Salle was born at Reims in April, 1651 to a wealthy French family. He was deeply involved with his Catholic faith early on: at age eleven he received the tonsure (the shaving of some or all of the hair off the scalp as a form of religious devotion or humility) and became the Canon of Reims Cathedral at sixteen. De La Salle was ordained a priest when he was 27 and then received a doctorate in theology two years later.

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