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Ember Days – a forgotten blessing

Ember Days

Today is Ember Friday, one of the lesser-known instances in the liturgical calendar called Ember Days. Ember Days happen four times a year, including this week, between the First and Second Sundays of Lent. The four instances take place near the turning of the seasons; this week's is near the transition from Winter to Spring, while the others are 1) between the Third and Fourth Sundays of Advent 2) between Pentecost and Trinity Sunday and 3) the liturgical third week of September, of the week of September 14th.

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Overcoming Sinful Anger – Behind the Catholic Counter Ep 23

Overcoming Sinful Anger

Welcome to episode 23 of the Behind the Catholic Counter Podcast. I'm Ian Rutherford, President of Aquinasnandmore.com. I interview Catholic authors, publishers and manufacturers to give you the latest news about great new Catholic books and gifts. You can listen to this and past episodes at aquinasandmore.com/podcast. This week I spoke with Father Thomas Morrow, author of Overcoming Sinful Anger.

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You need the Didache Bible in your home

Didache Bible Book Review

When I first saw the announcement from Ignatius Press about the new Didache Bible. I wasn't that interested. It has "commentaries based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church." Yawn. "More than 100 apologetic explanations that help to answer common questions about the faith." That's a little more interesting.

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