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St. Michael, Protect Us!

Saint Michael

Devotion to Michael the Archangel is one of the oldest devotions of the Church; indeed, his roles in God's divine plan date back before the Incarnation. It was St. Michael who led God's army against Lucifer and the other rebellious fallen angels, St. Michael who guards the Catholic Church and her pope, and St. Michael who, at God's commands will …

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A wonderful story of discovering your true self surrounded by the communion of saints: A Tiber River Review

My Sisters the Saints

My Sisters The Saints is a wonderful memoir in which the author Colleen Campell shares her life story starting in college and continuing through her mid-thirties and the pivotal saints that acted a 'big sisters' and guiding stars to her as she reverts back to a more active practice of her faith, builds a career, gets married and seeks a better understanding of how to keep all of those things in balance and live a life of committed faith. The author also touches on life issues, namely how we treat infertility and how we care for the aged and how the Churches teachings challenged and guided her as she and her family faced these issues.

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The Pope’s view on Mercy – A Tiber River Review

The Church of Mercy

The Church of Mercy is the latest book with a compilation of talks given by Pope Francis. Each book (by many different publishers) have chosen to address a certain audience. For example, Ignatius Press recently released a book on sin and humility, and Our Sunday Visitor has released one on hope and another on love. Loyola Press has chosen to focus on the theme of mercy. Drawing on talks given in 2013, this book addresses topics such as the Gospel, the Poor, advice for Pastors, and Mary. Each talk is designed to draw people closer to Christ who is the giver of mercy.

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Attacking the pope… by defending Marriage and Communion??

Cardinal Walter Kaspar

Okay, this is ridiculous. Cardinal Kaspar suggests that letting Catholics who are divorced and remarried (adulterous) receive Holy Communion which can only be received by Catholics in a state of grace is okay. A bunch of other cardinals say no, so now Cardinal Kaspar is saying that the cardinals are attacking the pope. Drama, much? Read the article. It's all …

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Required Reading on Catholic Social Teaching

When I first started writing this post, I had planned on giving a reasonably thorough summary of the various titles on this list. After sifting through just the official Church statements on social justice, I realized that they are so deep and so broad at the same time, that I can't do justice to them in a few sentences on a blog post. In, fact I'm sure it's the reason why, apart from the official documents, I have over a dozen books on social justice sitting on my desk including the USCCB's Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church which is as large as the Catechism.

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