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Money Isn’t Everything

Abbey Brand Surplice

We've been selling clergy and altar server apparel for many years. While almost every order is for a legitimate purpose, we likely get orders from people ordering clergy shirts for Halloween which is why we don't take returns on clergy shirts ordered in October. Last week we had a large order for some purple altar server cassocks and surplices which, apart from …

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Finally! A Cover For Your Daily Roman Missal

Daily Roman Missal Cover

Tired of your Daily Roman Missal getting damaged? It's time to stop worrying.   For a long time there hasn't been a way to really protect the investment you made in your Daily Roman Missal. Various covers that seemed like they might be the right size were always a little too small because they were made for the Liturgy of …

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The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy

Saints and Social Justice: A Guide to the Changing World

The seven corporal works of mercy and seven spiritual works of mercy, also known as acts of mercy, are actions and practices to be fulfilled by faithful Catholics. Though the lists of the works or acts were formalized later (at least by the time St. Thomas Aquinas wrote the Summa Theologica), the importance of performing these duties was urged from the earliest days of the Church.

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Little Life of Jesus Tiber River Media Review

Little Life of Jesus

The Little Life of Jesus, published by Magnificat, text by Anne Gravier, illustrations by Adeline Avril, is a charming retelling of the life of Jesus for very young children. This book held the attention of my 4 yr old who is active and not very cooperative about sitting still for stories. I see it best for toddlers, pre-school age children and …

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God’s Calling. Can you hear him?

Awakening Your Soul to the Presence of God

Sometimes we feel that we could never reach the heights of holy love that built the great cathedrals and fired the martyrs to give their lives for the Lord. But in Awakening Your Soul to the Presence of God, Fr. Kilian Healy—who was once the superior general of the Carmelite order worldwide—says that indeed you can, and should, develop this kind of love for God.

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