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Gorgeous statues for your parish and home at reasonable prices

2 ft. Hand-painted Statues for Under $150? (And they aren't made in China)   So what's the trade-off?  They must look really cheap or be made out of plastic.  Not these statues.  The detail is amazing, the paint is carefully applied, and they're made from traditional statue materials.  Get statues up to 24in. tall for under $150.   These statues come …

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Q & A About the New Roman Missal Translation

Q. Why is the translation of the Mass changing?   A. When the official English translation was issued in the 1970's it was translated using a principal called “dynamic equivalence.” The result of this translation method was that the English translation conveys the general meaning of the original Latin text instead of being a word-for-word translation.   In 2001 the …

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What's in the Little Black Book?

Six-Minute Meditations for Lent and Easter in the Little Books   Every year the Diocese of Saginaw puts together a series of Little Books that provide daily meditations on the readings for the current liturgical cycle. These books cover the Lent and Easter seasons.   Each day during the week is spent examining the Sunday Gospel and also includes daily information about …

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Why We Don’t and Won’t Ever Carry Richard Rohr

Why we won't ever carry Fr. Richard Rohr's Books

At Aquinas and More we have always had a policy that we will only carry product that is true to Catholic teaching. Why carry product that undermines the Church unless you want to destroy your own business? Could you imagine Coke or Pepsi selling literature or sending out spokesmen that praise the competition as being just as good as their …

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Unique Sacramental Gifts from Aquinas and More

Dear Aquinas and More,   I know that a rosary and missal or Bible are standard gifts for First Communion and Confirmation recipients but what happens when you know those gifts are already being given?   Sincerely, Sacramentally Confused   Dear Sacramentally Confused,   Finding the right gift can be a challenge but we're here to help. Read on…   …

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Confirmation Homework

You're in Confirmation class and your teacher tells you to pick a Confirmation saint. Oh, great. Now what? We've got the goods on how to choose a Confirmation saint.

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Now You Have a Place to Keep Your Holy Cards

Attention Holy Card Collectors: The Binders are Back!   This week we received our highly anticipated order of exclusive prayer card binders. This new binder features six plastic sheets suitable for holding our standard sized holy cards. Each sheet holds 4 cards for a total of 24 per binder. Holy cards are not included, of course, but you can choose for …

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