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Making Your First Communion Banner Project Painless

How to assemble a First Communion Banner Kit

As April approaches, our Churches start to take on a curious change. Even the plainest architectural designs are made festive with what has become a common tradition: A First Communion Banner Kit. Whatever your feelings are about them, if you have a child in a First Communion program you will probably have to glue something together in order complete the program. …

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Our Interview with Fr. Donald Calloway, author of "No Turning Back"

We recently had the opportunity to interview Fr. Donald Calloway M.I.C., well-known Marian priest, popular speaker and presenter, and author of the new book No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy. Our interview: Father, our readers and customers know your name from your many books and talks, but can you give us some more information about your background? I’m a …

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Does Satan Quote Scripture Better Than Michael Joncas?

Yesterday we celebrated the first Sunday of Lent and heard the reading from the Gospel of Luke with the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. Outside of a funeral, your odds of hearing On Eagle's Wings was higher this Sunday than any other day during the year because the “dash your foot against a stone” passage was read twice. If …

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Top Ten Favorite Quotes from John Milton’s Paradise Regained

Paradise Regained is the sequel to Paradise Lost by John Milton published in 1671. Composed of only 4 books, it is a much shorter work than Paradise Lost and considered to be of much lesser value. Even so, it offers valuable insights into the temptation of Christ and helps to give us answers to the enticements still offered by the world today. Pope Benedict XVI …

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Methodist says: Sources of Catholic Dogma is Essential for ANY Christian's Library

One of our customers sent us the following note about Denzinger's Sources of Catholic Dogma: Thanks, Mike. It's truly the most informative book I use in my research on the development of dogma in the Catholic Church. Besides the dogmatism that will never change, it's also interesting to see how certain issues have evolved over the centuries. A part of the book on Daniel I'm writing begins with a primer in …

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Our Interview with Msgr. Charles Murphy, author of "The Spirituality of Fasting"

We recently had the opportunity to interview Msgr. Charles Murphy of the Diocese of Portland in Maine about his new book The Spirituality of Fasting. The subject of fasting is not only timely as we approach the season of Lent, it is also an important and ancient Christian spiritual discipline which has application throughout the year. We hope you enjoy …

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There Might Be Something Very Important Missing From Your Catholic Library

The Sources of Catholic Dogma by Fr. Heinrich Denzinger Most Catholics would agree that every Catholic library simply must have copies of the Sacred Scriptures and the Catechism. If you had to name the third most important book to add, what would it be? A Bible dictionary or concordance perhaps? A great spiritual classic? For many well-known Catholic scholars and …

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Our Interview with Amy Welborn, author of "Come Meet Jesus"

We recently had the opportunity to interview well-known Catholic author Amy Welborn, one of our favorite authors writing today, about her new book Come Meet Jesus which has just been released by Word Among Us Press. Amy is the author of 17 books on prayer, the saints, apologetics, and church history. She's also one of the most popular and well-respected …

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