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This Is One Book We Won't Be Carrying. Yikes.

Book bound in skin of executed Jesuit to be auctioned in England LONDON (CNS). A book bound in the skin of an executed Jesuit priest was to be auctioned in England. The macabre, 17th-century book tells the story of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot and is covered in the hide of Father Henry Garnet. The priest, at the time the head …

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A Simple Guide for Understanding Icons

Catholics United for the Faith gave us permission to reprint this handy guide on the history and symbolism of icons. What are icons? In Eastern Christian heritage, icons are sacred images of Christ, Mary, and the saints, or of events in salvation history such as the Nativity or the Crucifixion. The very word “icon” comes from the Greek word for …

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The US Anti-Catholic Strikes Again

Remember when the US “Catholic” suggested that fornicating shouldn't be considered a sin if those involved were planning on getting married? Now the magazine is praising the suicidal ideas of dying Catholic theologians who want to “fix” the Church's problems.  To succeed, each church needs freedom and flexibility. Though a limited universalism can go a long way toward maintaining unity …

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Bad Music Isn't Confined to the Catholic Church

You think Catholic music is bad? The Evangelicals have their own problems: Without theology in music, we are offering fluff that will not comfort when bridges collapse and test reports are negative. Songwriters could provide true hope if they would write about the sovereignty of God rather than crying about “how safe I feel when Jesus is holding me.” Charles …

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A Wonderful Perspective on Celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass – The Priest Isn't the Center of Attention

From Closed Cafeteria comes a wonderful reflection on the priest's role at Mass: The old Missal’s rubrical micromanagement made me feel like a mere machine, devoid of personality; but, I wondered, is that really so bad? I actually felt liberated from a persistent need to perform, to engage, to be forever a friendly celebrant. When I saw a photo of …

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Making That Crucial First Impression – Your Business Isn't a Lemonade Stand

I recently saw several yard signs around town for a company / individual that hangs Christmas lights. The sign looks like it was made by my six-year-old daughter. Just picture the stereotypical “Lemonade 5c” and you'll get the picture. Would you trust these folks to safely and properly hang your Christmas lights? The first impression your company makes on potential …

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