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The Importance of Background Checks

We were recently looking for a new bookkeeper and one of our applicants seemed like he would be a good fit for the business, until I gave him a background check request. He said that he had provided references and would be happy to provide more but didn't see why a background check was necessary. I told him that when …

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Late September brings us the Feasts of several Holy Martyrs for the Faith

About Sts. Cosmas and Damian, Martyrs, September 26 Sts. Cosmas and Damian were Early Christian physicians and martyrs whose feast is celebrated on 26 September. They were twins, born in Arabia, and practiced the art of healing in the seaport Aegea, now Ayash, on the Gulf of Iskenderun in Cilicia, Asia Minor, and attained a great reputation. They accepted no …

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A Big Thank You…

to the guys who helped us integrate some cool code into our new church goods site. Thierry from TJK Design designed the side menu code which we adapted for our site. Michael from divaHTML designed the “you are here” code for the menus and exchanged emails with me several times to get everything working properly.

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A New Source for Church Supplies

We recently noticed that our church goods section had grown large enough to justify having its own site. We are now announcing the launch of the best church supply site on the Web: Catholic Church Supply. This site has everything from clergy shirts to tabernacles as well as vestments and chalices. If it's for liturgical use, you can bet we …

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