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Have You Ever Noticed…

That frequently the parish / school which without fail asks you for donations for some raffle every year is the same one that has never returned one phone call when your store has tried to work with them as a supplier for materials?

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Case In Point (Re: Doing Business With Catholics)

Yesterday I received a kind note from a Catholic blogger asking if I would be interested in advertising on the blog. The ad rates weren't bad. Today the blogger announced the opening of an Amazon storefront with recommended products. I'll bet the blogger didn't send Amazon a rate sheet. Is it any wonder that Catholic businesses don't do well? For …

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Wonders Never Cease

Remember the scandal about the Kennedy annulment a few years back? Basically, the Catholic Tribunal in Boston secretly granted an annulment to Joe Kennedy that his wife didn't find out about until three years later. She appealed to Rome – and won!

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