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  • You are a retail store owner and agents from the government come to your store in February and confiscate a large part of your inventory and slap you with a fine for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • You are a supplier of children's products and you are forced to shut down by the government for selling “unsafe” toys.
  • You are a consumer and see your favorite stores that sell all natural, homemade children's clothing and toys vanish overnight because of new government regulations.

You don't have to imagine. It's going to happen on February 10th if you don't prepare now.

A new law was passed last August “to protect the children”. The new law, called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, requires all toys for children under 12 to be certified as lead-free along with some other safety requirements.

The law goes into effect on February 10th and if you have any kid's products that haven't been certified, you are required to destroy them. We have created this site to keep track of  Catholic and other Christian vendor certifications so that you don't have to contact everyone yourselves. If you do contact a vendor, please send us the information so we can update this site and save the vendors from having to answer the same question hundreds of times.

Here are some links to get you up to speed:

CPSIA Certified Vendor List


Contacted But Not Certified

  • Abbey Brand – researching the matter
  • Arma Dei – will be compliant
  • Ascension Press – researching the matter
  • Bethlehem Books – researching the matter
  • Bezalel Books – researching the matter
  • Catholic Book Publishing – certified but still waiting on certificates
  • Catholic Word – researching the matter
  • CCC of Americaactively working on compliance issues
  • Corrine Company – not certified
  • Creed Rosary – will be compliant
  • EWTN – actively working on compliance issues
  • Ignatius Press – researching the matter
  • Liguori Publications – researching the matter
  • Loyola Press – no response yet
  • Lumen Mundi – products in testing, working on compliance issues
  • Malhame – researching the matter
  • McVan Inc – researching the matter
  • Mother of Divine Grace – no response yet
  • Nelson Woodcraft – researching the matter
  • Neumann Press – researching the matter
  • Our Sunday Visitor – researching the matter
  • Pauline Books and Media – researching the matter
  • Religious Art – will be in compliance, gathering documentation now
  • Sophia Instute – researching
  • Stuart Manufacturing – will be in compliance and have documentation ready
  • TAN Books – researching the matter
  • Vermont Christmas Company – products in testing now
  • William J. Hirten Company – no response yet
  • Word Among Us Press – researching the matter

How is the CPSIA Affecting You?

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