About Aquinas and More

Aquinas and More is the flagship Catholic book and gift store of Catholic Door. It is one of the oldest online Catholic stores in existence today…serving the Catholic community since 2002. We are a dual family owned company located in beautiful Fort Collins, CO and carry thousands of products ranging from books and videos to chalices and church supplies.

Our Vision

To equip the Catholic faithful for evangelization through our efforts to spread the truth, share the beauty of our faith and do good by living out the gospel through every aspect of our business.

What Makes Us Different

Buying your Catholic gifts and supplies from Aquinas and More will make a difference in the lives of Catholics and will help save souls. Our key differentiators are:

  • Authentically Catholic and faithful to the Holy Catholic Church

    • We are lifelong Catholics and have consecrated this business to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  • Merchandise is backed by the Good Faith Guarantee

    • Rest assured that we are carefully screening the material we carry so you don’t have to. Any item that carries the Good Faith Guarantee is guaranteed to be in conformity with official Church teaching or conforms to current liturgical norms.
  • Buying from us can save lives and souls

    • 10% of our profits go to Catholic related charities focused around the poor/elderly, pro-life causes, youth/education and vocations.
  • We strive to hire the hard to employ

    • Our hiring practices and buying decisions take into account an effort to create jobs for those who may traditionally find it hard to get a job. We want to provide the dignity of work.
  • No hassle, money-back Guarantee

    • We strive to only buy the highest quality products. If at all possible, we try to avoid the cheaply made products from China unlike many of our competitors. If you would like to return a product within 30 days of buying it, just send it back (a few exceptions apply).
  • Excellent customer service

    • Our customer reviews speak for themselves with a 4.8 out of 5 rating. 96% of our reviewing customers have rated us a 4 or 5.
  • Combination of unique and traditional

    • You will find a wonderful selection of both unique, hand made items along with traditional products for almost any occasion.
  • Largest Catholic focused online bookstore

    • We have over 5,000 titles in our bookstore including books, videos and CDs covering a wide range of subjects to help bring the truth to your doorstep.
  • Safe and secure online checkout

    • We never sell your customer information and we never store your credit card information on our servers. Our checkout process is backed by the latest security measures.
  • Supports two strong Catholic families

    • Aquinas and More is owned by two Catholic families with 15 kids between the two of them. This is our sole source of income that takes care of our families as both of our wives stay at home while also helping out with the business.

The store name comes from two famous Catholic saints, Thomas Aquinas and Thomas More. The ox head in our logo is a symbol of St. Thomas Aquinas who was called “The Dumb Ox” because he was a very quiet student, and rather large. And the axes that make up the eyes represent the martyrdom of St. Thomas More.

Our store is online only but returns and correspondence can be sent to:

Aquinas and More Catholic Gifts
513 N. Link Lane, Unit D.
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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