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  • Reclaiming Liturgical Days: St. Patrick’s Day March 15, 2019
    There are a number of well known holidays that have their roots in our rich Catholic faith. Many of these holidays are celebrated differently in our modern day culture than the true Catholic roots would suggest they be celebrated or honored. St. Patrick's Day is one such holiday. While St. Patrick's Day is most well-known […]
  • Who Remembers Ember Days? March 13, 2019
    After the Second Vatican Council, it wasn’t uncommon to hear people say, “We don’t do that anymore”—a common response based on the erroneous assumption that Vatican II threw out just about everything in favor of Latin-free liturgies and statue-free churches. That wasn’t the case, but it is definitely true that, in Catholicism, there are devotional […]
  • 3 Tips for Evangelizing Like Saint Patrick March 13, 2019
    Some people say that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. But wouldn’t it be great if everyone were like St. Patrick on St. Patrick’s Day? If instead of, “Hey! Let’s find a bar and have a few beers!” we’d say, “Hey! Let’s find a bar, buy a round for some people and talk to […]
  • Four ways to live like Saint Frances of Rome March 9, 2019
    We all know the current Francis of Rome. But before him, there was a “Frances” of Rome. She was an uptown girl of noble birth—a holy girl, wholly unimpressed by her position. She wanted to devote her life to Jesus Christ.
  • Ash Wednesday and Ashes on the Forehead March 6, 2019
    Don’t you wish we had a Catholic infomercial channel? EWTN is great, but we could really use something to get us as excited about being Catholic as we do about a miracle cleaner that takes spots out of pets…or whatever those miracle cleaners do. Cue the hyper-energetic spokesperson: “Are you ready, out there? It’s Ash […]
  • Why sacrifice during Lent? March 5, 2019
    Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and the start of the Lenten Season. As we all know, this is a day of fasting, abstinence, and contemplation. With the ashes of last year's palms, we remember our bodies' mortality and our souls' penitence in Christ's memory. When we are told to remember that "Man is dust, and to […]
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