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The Prisoners Of The King

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Prisoners Of The King

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Questions or concerns about Purgatory?


This century-old sourcebook covers the topic more authoritatively than any other

Purgatory is denied by Protestants, and downplayed by many modern churchmen. Accurate knowledge about it can be difficult to come by. Belief in it is all but extinct. That’s why the re-publication of this 1889 masterwork by H.J. Coleridge, SJ, is so timely and necessary. At once a work of apologetics, catachesis and spirituality, it successfully defends the doctrine of Purgatory against critics, answers all the common questions, and draws out the implications for you -- and for those who depend on your intercessory prayers. As Fr. Coleridge explains:
“The more we know about Purgatory, the more we shall fear it, and the more store we shall set by anything that can deliver us from its pains.”

  • Evidence from the Gospels that Our Lord desires faith in Purgatory and intercessory prayer. * Other New Testament passages that dramatically illustrate the doctrine
  • How Purgatory glorifies God’s justice, holiness and mercy. How it honors our Lord as Redeemer
  • God’s requirement of purity in those who see Him in Heaven
  • Who can be admitted to Purgatory -- and who cannot
  • How the particular punishments in Purgatory are “carefully measured and adapted” to each sin of each kind
  • The various degrees of punishment in Purgatory, depending on the number, type and gravity of unrepented sins
  • The differences between various classes of souls in Purgatory
  • The “pain of sense” in Purgatory: what it will be like. How we know for certain that it will be severe and intense
  • The “pain of loss”: 4 types, and their effects
  • Duration of the pains of purgatory
  • Ways of avoiding Purgatory, or lessening our punishments there. Particular virtues and practices that are uniquely efficacious
  • How we know that God desires that the souls be released from Purgatory even before the allotted time, through our prayers
  • How we know that the Holy Souls are helped by our prayers and good works
  • The power of Indulgences. Their basis in Scripture and tradition. How they are applied to the souls of the living and dead
  • Requirements for a “plenary” (full) indulgence
  • How our prayers on behalf of the souls in Purgatory may affect our own length of stay, and extent of suffering, there. Other blessings we receive for helping the Holy Souls
  • The special efficacy of fasting, good works, and charitable giving in relieving the Holy Souls
  • How souls in Purgatory can help those they have left behind. How much knowledge do they have of us?
  • How devotion to the doctrine of Purgatory is a test, and exercise, of faith
  • Does the presence and sight of the devils form a part of the purgatorial punishment?
  • The “partial consolations” given to the souls in Purgatory
  • Differences -- and some similarities -- between Purgatory and Hell, and the types of pain suffered in each
  • To what extent do the Saints use their powerful intercession on behalf of the souls in Purgatory?
  • How every good work on earth has a power of satisfaction that can be applied for the benefit of the Holy Souls
  • The wonderful surprise that awaits those who have made it their daily aim to help the Holy Souls to the best of their power
  • Defects in the use of sacraments, especially Penance and Holy Communion, which prevent them from producing their full effects upon the soul, thus requiring purification in Purgatory
  • Why there may be a long Purgatory awaiting even those souls who have lived their lives more or less virtuously and faithfully
  • How frequent recourse to Confession can reduce the length and severity of our purgatorial suffering
  • Why our intercessions for the Holy Souls can -- and sometimes should -- be applied to the benefit of particular souls
  • How the Holy Souls can be helped especially by prayers on certain Feast Days, and on the Sabbath. The special efficacy of certain works in service of the Church
  • Why Our Lady has a particular interest in the Holy Souls. Devotions in her honor that are the most efficacious for them
  • How neglect and disuse of pryaers for the dead are a certain sign of falling away from the Faith
  • The sense of shame in Purgatory. How an acute sense of “unfitness for Heaven” will be a punishment in itself
  • What the sufferings of Purgatory can never cancel
  • Masses for the dead: innumerable benefits
  • Why charity to the Holy Souls is so important
  • Why Communion has an almost unparalleled power in relieving the blessed sufferers
  • Holy Souls and the Beatific Vision
  • 3 miracles of Christ that exemplify the need for purification and intercessory prayer for loved ones


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