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Epic Timeline Chart - A Journey Through Church History

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Epic Timeline Chart

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The Epic program is built upon this chart, which arranges the key people, places, and events of Church History in chronological order. This study aid shows how all of the major events in the life of Christianity fit together to tell the story of the Church. This 6-fold chart expands out to approximately 38 inches.


  • Each period of Church history is assigned a unique color to help you remember the overall story.
  • Apostolic Succession is illustrated with a list of Popes from St. Peter to Benedict XVI.
  • 21 Ecumenical Councils show the development of Catholic teachings.  
  • Apostolic Succession is traced from St. Peter to Benedict XVI.
  • Over 100 key events outline the Church's story.
  • Major martyrs, doctors of the church, and other saints are indicated for each time period.
  • Events in world history are provided to place Church history in context.
  • The reigning world rulers are indicated for each time period.

About Epic:

The epic story of the Catholic Church spans thousands of years. With an unlikely beginning in a remote outpost of the Roman empire, the Catholic Church now claims over a billion living members.  The persecutions, martyrdoms, conquests, and triumphs all came together to shape Western civilization as we know it today.

Our identity as Catholics means that we are the inheritors of the deeds of holy men and women who for 2,000 years have built a great civilization and spread the Gospel throughout the world.  Church history is not just the recitation of popes, people, places, and events; it is a story of adventure, intrigue, rebellion, reform, and devotion. This story is, in fact, our story; this is our family.  If we know our past, and how we fit into the story, we will be better prepared to face whatever may come in the future.

Utilizing the same structure as The Great Adventure, Epic presents twelve color-coded time periods of Church History that identify the main events in Church History, Culture, and Politics, as well as the Popes, Martyrs, Saints and Doctors of the Church. Developed by teachers and historians Steve Weidenkopf and Dr. Alan Schreck, this exciting learning system will teach you Church history from a truly Catholic perspective.

What you will learn...

  • Learn about the major people, places, and events of the two-thousand years of Church history.
  • Remember the 12 time periods of Church history using a unique color-coded system.
  • Learn the true story of the Crusades.
  • Understand the rationale for the medieval inquisitors and the Spanish Inquisition.
  • Discover the revolutionary character of the Protestant Reformation.
  • Know the real story of the confrontation between Galileo and the Church.
  • Discover the massive persecution of Christians in the twentieth century.
  • Learn about the workings of the Holy Spirit throughout Church history.

...and much more!


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8 1/2"  (21.5 cm) x 5 1/2"  (13.9 cm)
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