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St. Christopher 14K White Gold Round Large Medal

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Christopher 14K White Gold Round Large Medal

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This Round St. Christopher Medal is made of 14K White Gold, and has the words "St. Christopher Protect Us" around the border.

Does not come with a chain.  Comes in a blue velvet pouch.

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H x W x D: 
0 7/8"  (2.22 cm) x 0 7/8"  (2.22 cm) x 0"  More Stuller Gifts


St. Christopher

St. Christopher Feast Day:
Eastern Calendar - 03/09
Roman Rite Calendar - 07/25
Tridentine Calendar - 07/25

Patron Of: Against Lightning, Archers, Automobiles, Bachelors, Boatmen, Bookbinders, Bus Drivers, Epilepsy, Floods, Gardeners, Hazards While Traveling, Lightning, Mariners, Motorists, Porters, Sailors, Storms, Sudden Death, Toothache, Travel, Travelers, Truck Drivers

    Third century martyr in the persecutions of Decius. Little else is known for sure.

    His fame derives from the pious legend of him being a "Christ-bearer" (= Christopher). He was a powerfully built man who wandered the world in search of novelty and adventure. He came upon a hermit who lived beside a dangerous stream and served others by guiding them to safe places to cross. He gave Offero instruction in the truth of God. Offero took the hermit's place, but instead of guiding travelers, he carried them safely across the stream.

    One day he carried a small child across the stream; the child's weight nearly crushed him. When they arrived on the other side, the child revealed himself as Christ, and he was so heavy because he bore the weight of the world on himself. He then baptized Offero with water from the stream. Christopher's service at the stream led to his patronage of things related to travel and travelers, people who carry things, etc. One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

    at Canaan as Offero

    martyred c.251 Third century martyr in the persecutions of Decius. Little else is known for sure.

All information used with permission of the Patron Saint Index.


St. Chrodegang of Metz

Feast Day:
Roman Rite Calendar - 03/06

Also known as
    Chrodegand of Metz
    Godegrand of Metz
    Gundigran of Metz
    Ratgang of Metz
    Rodigang of Metz
    Sirigang of Metz

    6 March

    Relative of Pepin the Short. Brother of Saint Opportuna. Educated at Saint Trond abbey. Secretary to Charles Martel. Chancellor of France. Even while holding such positions, he went about in hair shirts, fasting, praying, and supporting the poor. Bishop of Metz in 742 even though he was still a layman. Chief minister to Pepin the Short. Ambassador to the Vatican. Mayor of the Palace. Involved in the coronation of Pepin as King of the Franks, the first Carolingian king. Defended Rome and the papacy against the Lombards. Worked to reform the Frankish Church, including educating the clergy, and encouraging them to live in communities based largely on the rule of Saint Benedict. Founded and restored churches and monasteries. Introduced the Roman liturgy and Gregorian Chant to his see, from which they spread to other parts of Europe. Participated in several councils.

    c.712-717 at Hesbaye, Brabant, near Liege, Belgium

    6 March 776 at Metz; relics, in the Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Symphorien, were destroyed during the French Revolution

All information used with permission of the Patron Saint Index.

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