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Censer Stand - Hexagonal Elegance

Item Number: 95080

Catalog Code: 242-78

Censer Stand

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 Our Description

52" high. 10" wide base.

Metals available are bronze or brass.

Finishes available are high polish or satin.


Product Details

H x W x D: 
52"  (132. cm) x 0"  More Excelsis Gifts


Custom items may not be in stock in the size and style you request. If you need your product quickly, please call us first to make sure the item is in stock in the size and style you need.

Other Styles and Formats:

18in. Altar Vase: Hexagonal Elegance ($950.00)
23in. Altar Crucifix: Hexagonal Elegance ($950.00)
Floor Sanctuary Lamp 44in.: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,915.00)
Processional Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,125.00)
Processional Crucifix: Hexagonal Elegance ($2,100.00)
5 Lite Floor Candelabra with Fix: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,515.00)
7 Lite Floor Candelabra with Adj: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,905.00)
3 Lite Altar Candelabra with Fix: Hexagonal Elegance ($915.00)
Holy Water Font: Hexagonal Elegance ($511.50)
14in. Altar Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($745.00)
22in. Altar Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($960.00)
5in. Altar Candlestick ($455.00)
Holy Water Pot with Sprinkler ($660.00)
12in. Altar Vase: Hexagonal Elegance ($495.00)
12in. Altar Crucifix: Hexagonal Elegance ($700.00)
Wall Sanctuary Lamp: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,570.00)
Floor Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,155.00)
Adjustable Flower Stand: Hexagonal Elegance ($925.00)
Paschal Candlestick 48in.: Hexagonal Elegance ($2,155.00)
3 Lite Floor Candelabra with Adj: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,380.00)
5 Lite Altar Candelabra with Adj: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,400.00)
7 Lite Altar Candelabra with Fix: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,365.00)
10in. Altar Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($660.00)
18in. Altar Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($875.00)
26in. Altar Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,055.00)
9in. Altar Vase: Hexagonal Elegance ($425.00)
Missal Stand: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,095.00)
Hanging Sanctuary Lamp: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,845.00)
Floor Sanctuary Lamp 48in.: Hexagonal Elegance ($2,425.00)
Adjustable Flower Stand: Hexagonal Elegance ($815.00)
Paschal Candlestick 44in.: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,645.00)
7 Lite Floor Candelabra with Fix: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,770.00)
3 Lite Altar Candelabra with Adj: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,135.00)
5 Lite Altar Candelabra with Fix: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,110.00)
Consecration Candleholder ($560.00)
16in. Altar Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($750.00)
24in. Altar Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($965.00)
14in. Altar Vase: Hexagonal Elegance ($635.00)
18in. Altar Crucifix: Hexagonal Elegance ($725.00)
Altar Sanctuary Lamp: Hexagonal Elegance ($505.00)
Processional Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,360.00)
Adjustable Flower Vase: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,130.00)
3 Lite Floor Candelabra with Fix: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,320.00)
5 Lite Floor Candelabra with Adj: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,635.00)
7 Lite Altar Candelabra with Adj: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,715.00)
12in. Altar Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($665.00)
20in. Altar Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($880.00)
28in. Altar Candlestick: Hexagonal Elegance ($1,060.00)

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