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How Firm A Foundation - Revised Edition

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How Firm A Foundation-Hard Cover

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For him, the Bible was the only sufficient, firm foundation for his life. He wanted to obey God in all things, and had given up a career to become an ordained minister. He loved to preach the Word and knew that one day he would stand before God, accountable for everything he preached. But there was one problem: How could he be certain that what he was preaching was true?
Sara LaPointe never wanted this role, but she loved Stephen. So, through his encouragement and tutelage, she had become both an enthusiastic Evangelical and an effective pastor’s wife—at least in the eyes of the congregation. But would the gnawing guilt of a past mistake—a mistake she would never reveal to her husband—ever let her go?
And then there was Walter. He, too, believed in Jesus. He, too, loved the Bible and vowed to do whatever God called him to do. But what if this was the unthinkable?




“Those who were privileged to read Mr. Grodi’s “How Firm a Foundation” will be eager to read its sequel, “Pillar and Bulwark.” Yet the latter book stands on its own as an engrossing story. Mr. Grodi is the authority on the subject of non-Catholic clergy pilgrimages into the Church. Under his leadership his Coming Home Network has given guidance and encouragement to almost two thousand clergy inquirers, in addition to hundreds of lay inquirers. Weekly he proclaims the Catholic faith to millions of viewers on his long-running tv program, “Journey Home.” All who love the Church must be grateful for Mr. Grodi’s far-reaching evangelization.”
Rev. Ray Ryland
Chaplain, the Coming Home Network International


“How Firm a Foundation presents in fiction what I so often have seen in real life: conscientious people struggling to understand which path God wants them to take. Once chosen, that path is found to be strewn with confusion and indecision and, invariably, with suffering. It is found to be not a straight road but a cross-road, for it leads through Calvary. Marcus Grodi’s characters illustrate what is played out daily all around us—and in us. Anyone who takes the Christian faith at all seriously will see himself in these characters because he knows that he too is on the path.”
—Karl Keating, author
Nothing But the Truth


“In the midst of the myopic miasma of most modern fiction, Marcus Grodi’s novel shines forth with the clarity of crystalline grace. Whereas many modern novelists sneer contemptuously at the perennial problems of life, much as an adolescent might sneer at the wisdom of his elders, Grodi steers beyond the sneers to a calm and considered reflection upon the problem itself. A problem, in his eyes, is not something to be sneered at or complained about; it is something to be solved. I cannot praise this novel enough. It follows in the noble tradition of Newman’s Loss and Gain but brings the Newmanesque ruminations upon the meaning of life from the detached decorum of nineteenth-century Oxford to the desolate desecration of contemporary America. Any discerning reader who has grown weary of the juvenile posturing of post-modernity would do well to pick this book up and begin reading. It is fiction for grown-ups, the sort of book that might literally change the direction of one’s life. Perhaps, indeed, it should come with a warning: ‘Read but Beware. You might never be the same again!’
—Joseph Pearce, author
Christian Imagination and Wisdom and Innocence

“For the second night in a row, Gloria and I were both up well past midnight reading How Firm a Foundation. But I can assure you this: it won’t happen again, because we both finished it last night. It is really a tremendous book. It will no doubt be used by the Lord to bring many to the fullness of the truth.”
—Bruce Sullivan, author
Christ in His Fullness


“Ongoing conversion—deepening faith to which we are all called—is a delicate dance of grace, insight, wonder, struggle, suffering, and joy. How does someone think, pray, and work through the process? Marcus Grodi offers a masterful presentation—practically the inside scoop—of the layers of challenge: interpersonal, pastoral, emotional, and, of course, spiritual. The difficulties are real; the truths are compelling.”
—Kimberly Hahn, author
Life-Giving Love


“This novel is unique among stories of conversion. It is a fictional composite of the true-life experiences of many converts whom Mr. Grodi has worked with as President / Founder of the Coming Home Network International. Throughout this compelling narrative, as in all divisions among Christians, the basic issue is: by what means can we know the full truth of the Gospel? In the unfolding of this story we see Stephen and others forced to contend with the problem of authority and then by Providence led to the final answer—Christ’s answer—surrender to Him and His Church.”
—Rev. Ray Ryland
Chaplain, the Coming Home Network International


“How Firm a Foundation is a remarkable achievement. For the first time ever, Marcus Grodi has given readers a realistic and compelling view into two worlds—the inner dynamics of a Christian denomination, and the struggles of a dedicated and honest man of God who slowly witnesses the underpinnings of his faith crumble, only to be replaced by solid bedrock. I’m confident you’ll enjoy this book. Thanks, Marcus; you’ve done a superb job of storytelling.”
—Bud Macfarlane Jr., author
Pierced by a Sword


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