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Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton Volume 34 - Illustrated London News, 1926-1928

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Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton Volume 34

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Volumes 27 through 37 are collected columns from The Illustrated London News. Most of the weekly articles Chesterton wrote for The Illustrated London News have never been printed in book form until Ignatius Press undertook to do the collected works. These volumes contain all of Chesterton's columns in The Illustrated London News, beginning in 1905. The great majority have never appeared in book form. Chesterton lovers will be delighted to find this treasure filled with jewels quite the match of his best writing.

Table of Contents:

The Problem with America
On Central Heating
The Overbury Affair
The Titus Oates Case
The New Poetry
More about Modern Poets
Modern Doubt and Questioning
The Peril of Conspiracy
The Reason for Fear
Mr. Wells' Latest Novel [Christina Alberta's Father]
Being Bored with Ideas
The Return of the Pagan Gods
A Defense of the Neo-Classical Poets
The Blank State of the Modern Mind
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Spiritualism
The Failure of Prophecies
The Refusal to Understand
The Silliness of Theodore Dreiser
Mr. Ford and Prohibition
Power, Medieval and Modern
The Gloom of the Escorial
Looking at Toledo
Spain and the Color Black
Customs of Spain, and Mere Fashions
Modern Stories and Modern Morality
Our Intellectual Novelists
The Resurrection of Roman Civilization
The Philosophy of Mr. Dreiser
The Ideal of the Americans
The Preservation of the Cities
On Modern Controversy
The Younger Pagans
Keeping Old Worlds New
Man on the Spot
The End of the Renaissance Spirit
The Legends of My Youth
On George the Fourth
The Meaning of Travel
An International Police Force
Comparing Two Centuries
The Age of Reason
The Point - Getting It and Missing It
The Tone of Thackeray
Mencken on Democracy
Mr. Wells' Notebook
Progress in the Arts
Acting, Thinking, Theorizing
About Means and Ends
Women in the Workplace - and at Home
The Old Christmas Carol

The Tyranny of the Minorities
Catchwords and Claptrap
The World of Sherlock Homes
Wells' Philosophy of Flux
On Funeral Customs and the Brotherhood of Man
American Views of Right and Wrong
Wells and Hero-Worship
The Loss of Local Cultures and Customs
The Giants of the Victorian Age
The Extension of the Family
The Grandeur of the Baroque
Awakening the Sense of Wonder
An Appetite for Paradox
The Censor and Modern Drama
The Spread of American Tastes
On Understanding Ireland
Influencing and Being Influenced by Asia
The Decay of University Sports
On Regulating the Broadcasters
Waiting for a New Sort of Nonsense
The Falling Value of Words
The Matter of Local Patriotism
More about the Influence of Asia
Defending Our English Institutions
The So-Called Unity of Living Things
A Crucial Hour for Poland
The Polish Ideal
The Mystical Cities of Poland
A View of William the Conqueror
Leisure in Our Culture
Liberty versus Order
Gladstone and the Vicars
The Victorians and the Moderns
On Sentimentalism
Overdoing It in the Movies
Liking My Own Times
Evolution and Ethics
The Abuses of the Past
The Prophesying Spirit
Shakespeare and the Dark Lady
The Spite against Stevenson
Shaw and Wells on Evolution
Journalistic Logic Chopping
On the Colors of Flags
Being Weary of Creeds
Identifying the Main Political Prayers
Who Are the "Unfit"?
The Crumbling of the Creeds
On Intelligence Tests
On Unmoral Comedy
Disputes about Artistic Tastes
The Rituals of Christmas
Some Complaints about Chesterton

The Real Philosophy of the Abstainer
Getting the Sentence Right
The Real Names of Famous Men
Criticism of the Creeds
Modern Science and Immoral Morals
Understanding between Americans and the English
Thought versus Slogans
Personality in the Modern World
Liberty, Liberalism and the Libertarians
On Some Journalistic Phrases
The House of the Future
On Some Contradictions in Modern Ideas
The Debate on Censorship (Continued)
On Queen Elizabeth
Universal War of Universal Brotherhood?
On My Anti-Americanism
On Dismissing the Victorians
Drawing the Line Somewhere
Realism and Pessimism in Our Novels
Beauty in the Modern World
The Relation of Man to the Animals
Education and Half-Education
A New Statement of Religion?
World Government, Again
Mencken and the American Mercury
The Friends of Frankness, and Euphemism
Where Are the Dead?
The Impartiality of Encyclopedias
Revaluations in History
The Prohibition Crisis and American Democracy
Education, Theoretical and Practical
Turkey and Western Europe
The Narrowness of the New Art
On Poetry Being Musical
Original Sin and the Moderns
Two New Books on Dickens
The Battle of the Boyne
A New Theory of Novelty
The Traditions of Our Revolutionary Poets
Halting on the Road of Progress
The Innocent Conservatism of Youth
On Misprints and Egoism
The American Election, Again
Lincoln in Myth and Reality
Sweet-Shops and the State
On Fundamental Morality
On Reading, and Not Being Able To
The Philosophy of Enclosures - and Openings
Renaissance, Puritanism, Industrialism
The Baconians versus Shakespeare

Index of Proper Names

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