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Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton Volume 33 - Illustrated London News, 1923-1925

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Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton Volume 33

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The topics of the 150 columns in the volume include: "The Real Problem with Religious Toleration", "The Modern Longing for Slavery", "America in a Rut", "The Ku Klux Klan and American Conservatism", "An Artist's Satire on War", "The Monster Called Man".

Volumes 27 through 37 are collected columns from The Illustrated London News. Most of the weekly articles Chesterton wrote for The Illustrated London News have never been printed in book form until Ignatius Press undertook to do the collected works. These volumes contain all of Chesterton's columns in The Illustrated London News, beginning in 1905. The great majority have never appeared in book form. Chesterton lovers will be delighted to find this treasure filled with jewels quite the match of his best writing.

Table of Contents:

The Effort of Distinction
Outlines of History
Real Crimes and Imaginary Tactics
Remembering Frederic Harrison
The Future of Commercial Empires
A Proper View of Machines
The New Interest in Things Egyptian
Arguing with the Bolshevists
The Bolshevist and the Primitive Man
Looking at Byzantine Art
Science and Common Sense
Lady Astor and Prohibition
Capitalism and Real Ownership
Principles, Mediaeval and Modern
Progress and the Progressives
The Independence of Women
Looking back at the Great War
Capitalism and Industrial Deadlock
The Self-Consciousness of Americans
Mediaeval Robber Barons and Victorian
The Real Problem with Religious Toleration
Three Ways of Writing History
The Family and the Servant Problem
On Miracles and Agnosticism
The Leisure State and the Liberty State
The Complexities of History
The Old-Fashioned and the New-Fangled
Caricatures of Our Politicians
Where Are the Old Party Principles?
Piling up Pleasures
Native Climates and National Character
Pessimism about Current Tendencies
The Legends of Merlin
The Modern Longing for Slavery
Stevenson vs. Poe
Music, Digestion and Modern Philosophy
English Insularity and the British Empire
The English Buddhist
The Logic of Unbelief
Reading Legends and Fairy-Tales
On Neighbors and Nations
What is Necessary? And to What?
Prohibition and Other Crazy Experiments
On American Lawlessness
The Revival of French Royalism
Certain Incongruities at Christmas
The Spirit of Revenge and the Spirit of Aggression

Socialism and the Real Distribution of Property
Reading the Myths Correctly
Christianity in the Great War
Trying to Know the Savage
The Strangeness of America
Charles I as Socialist Martyr
The Real Nature of Property (Again)
Psychology and the Human Will
Becoming Like America
The Persecution of Religion
Finding the Typical Englishman
On Being Impartial
Modern Drama and Old Conventions
The New Pacifists
St. Joan and the Nation
The Blunder of Our Parties
The American Vendetta against Darwinism
Mr. Edison's New Argument from Design
The European Heritage of Africa
Satirizing the Great War
The Englishman as Spectator
Progress and Proportion
Mussolini and Parliamentarianism
What I Love about the Past
Politics and Ordinary Civic Courage
The Praise of Novelty
Small Property and Popular Government
The Mystery of the Peasant
The Message of Architecture
The Peasant and Proletarian Education
America in a Rut
The Wisdom of the Ignorant
Two Kinds of Rebellion
The Irish Free State
England and the Scots
Irish Politics and Irish Religion
The Ku Klux Klan and American Conservatism
The Leopold-Loeb Case
An Argument for Nationalism
On Old and New Civilizations
A Hope for the Decline of Civilization
On Heroes and History
The Servile State
News from the Spirit World
Eliminating the Class without Property
More on the Servile State
Radio and Theatre
The Campaign against Socialism
The Possibility of the Guild
The Imagination of the Renaissance
Split Democracy
The Impact of the Crusades

Christmas and Other Occasions
Shakespeare in Modern Dress
Our Antediluvian Journalism
The Average of Mankind, Then and Now
The Spirit of the Eighteenth Century
The Paradox of Spiritualism
The Finality of Architecture
The Zigzag of Progress
The Trouble with Being Practical
The Style of the Fanatic
Doing without Dogmas
The Ideal of a Leisure State
On Being Modest
Putting Parliament on Radio
Private Ownership - I Repeat Myself
Missing the Joke
Women and Fashions in the Victorian Age
Parody in Our Times
On Primitive Religion
The New Hedonist
Mr Wardle and Napoleon
The Subconscious as Myth
The Meaning of Monuments
Whiteman: The Artist as Pioneer
My Views on the Current Weather
The Recent Emergence of Man
Cobbett's View of History
Cobbett and the Neglected Truth
Stevenson as Egoist
The Double Problem of Stevenson
American Fundamentalists and the English Journalists
Compulsory Education and the Monkey Trial
The Need for Historical Humility
Two Approaches to Prison Reform
Mary Queen of Scots and Her Men
On Comparing Periods in History
Shakespeare in Modern Dress (Again)
A Defense of "Jekyll and Hyde"
The Homes in Limehouse
A Symposium on Religion
The Real Argument against Bolshevism
The Defense of the Unconventional
Blurring the Party Lines
The Monster Called Man
The Case for Christendom
Getting Better and Better?
The Need for a Starting Point
The Passing of Queen Alexandra
Funerals Are for the Living
On Abridging Novels
The Presumption of Progress
Keeping the Spirit of Christmas

Index of Proper Names


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