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Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton Volume 31 - Illustrated London News, 1917-1919

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Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton Volume 31

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Some of the topics of the 130 columns in the volume include "The Poetry of Commonplace Things", "The Rhetoric of Pacifism", "Socialism and Individualism", "The Morality of Melodrama", "Despotism and Democracies", "The Rails of Reality", "Patriotism Become True", "Facts versus False History", "The Fury of America", "Relativity against Reason" and "Controlling the Common Man".

Volumes 27 through 37 are collected columns from The Illustrated London News. Most of the weekly articles Chesterton wrote for The Illustrated London News have never been printed in book form until Ignatius Press undertook to do the collected works. These volumes contain all of Chesterton's columns in The Illustrated London News, beginning in 1905. The great majority have never appeared in book form. Chesterton lovers will be delighted to find this treasure filled with jewels quite the match of his best writing.

Table of Contents:

President Wilson's Compromise with Germany
The Poetry of Commonplace Things
Khaki - the Color of Democracy
The Dangers of Doubting Pacifism
The Weakness of Mr. Wilson's Ideas
National Service and Social Reform
The Moral Collapse of Modern Germany
On Trusting President Wilson
On Seeing Germany Clearly
The Simple Logic of this War
This War as a Religious War
The Rhetoric of Pacifism
On Poisoning of Wells
On Anglo-Saxons and Teutons
The American Declaration of War
German Philosophy and the Race Theory
On "Maltheory"
The Meanings of "Democracy"
On the Education of the Germans
The Photographs Exhibition
German Socialism and German Imperialism
Conscience and the Conscientious Objector
On the Prussianizing of England
Understanding Alsace-Lorraine
Protests against the War
The Magnification of Minority Political Power
On Altering Our Electoral System
German Calmness and Self-Criticism
Defending the Russian Revolution
The Church and the Devil
On Socialism and Individualism
Germany: Land of Legends
On Lumping Things Together
On War Weariness
The False Note of the Peacemakers
The Peace That Ends Peace
Secret Diplomacy and Democratic Control
The Morality of Melodrama
Why We Fight
Fancy Titles, Masquerades, and Discredited Words
The Rhetoric of the Peacemongers
Racial Arguments in the War
The Insolence of the Prussian
Lincoln and the Present Situation
Despotism and the Democracies
Politics and the Military Cause
On Flying
English Imperialism and the War
Two German Propagandists
The Whitewashing of the Barbarian
War at a Distance
On the Christmas Traditions of the Poor

The Ignorance of the English
Germany's "Sure" Punishment
Are the Pacifists Pro-German?
The Rails of Reality
The Moral of Alsace and Poland
Journalism in the War
On Being Too Abstract
No reason for Making Peace
On the Truth of Truisms
On Hating the Prussians
The Quarrel between America and Germany
The Logic of Lenin
Illogicalities in the Air
Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Soldiers
Why the Germans Are Different
Prince Lichnowsky's Revelations
The German Admiration of England
The Unconscienctious Objector
Patriotism Become True
Translating and Interpreting German
Teutonic Metaphors and Symbols
The Bryce Atrocity Report
Facts versus False History
On Losing the War and Winning the Argument
The Cost of Winning the War
Our Ideals and Our Patience
The Ideal of the League of Nations (1)
On the Question of Proportion
Using Belgium as a Pawn
Pacifism: The Weakening of All Causes
The Ideal of the League of Nations (2)
Prussian Ideas of Nationality
The Dangers of Victory
The Prussian Occupation of Allied Imperialism
The Fury of America
"English", "British", and Others
The "Superiority" of the Teuton
On War Reparations
The Apostles of Compromise
Prussia's "Defensive" War
"And Alsace-Lorraine?"
The Barbarian in History
The Continuing German Lies
The Explosion of Peace
On Diplomacy and Nationalities
The Great War and the General Election
The Future of Germany
A Christmas of Peace

The Need for a National Settlement
The Partition of Poland
On Creating Poland
Three Thing behind Bolshevism
More about Bolshevism
Building Franco-German Relations 
The Great Scheme of the League
Renewed German Defiance
The Success of German Socialism
Three Approaches to Labor Unrest
The Debate on Spiritualism
When the Land Was Taken
On Settling the Demands of Both Sides
Enemies of Religious Traditions
A Definition of Germany
On Rebuking Mediaevalism
The Sanity of the Family
On German Responsibility
The Latin Alliance
On Being Generous to the Germans
The Mood of the Barbarians
The Conscientious Objector in a Democracy
Judgment for the Germans
The Worthlessness of Racial Theories
History from the Teutonist's Perspective
The Church and the Modern World
The Proletarian and the Peasant
Purging Germany's Evil
Defending My Historical Views
Logic and National Sentiment
The Prose Style of Our Times
The Cant of the Bolshevists
On Getting English History Right
What Do the Spirits Mean?
The Surprising Softness of the Communists
Lundendorff and other Prussian Apologists
On War Memorials
Controlling the Common Man
Abolishing the Ordinary
When Politics Was Private Business
Shakespeare's Plots
The Sentiment of Property
Peter and Petrograd
Chaucer versus Stevenson
The Sneers at Napoleon
Another Apologia for Germany
Clemenceau and the Idea of Property
The Energy of the Italians
Relativity against Reason
The Theory of the Bolsheviks
The New Attack on Christmas

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