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Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton Volume 30 - Illustrated London News, 1914-1916

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Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton Volume 30

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More of the unpublished gems of Chesterton's column from the Illustrated London News. Many Chesterton buffs feel these include some of Chesterton's finest writings. Though written for his very popular newspaper column over 70 years ago, Chesterton's timeless wisdom is just as relevant today as it was then. Some of the topics of the 130 columns in this volume include "The Duties of a Citizen", "Being Too Serious About Animals", "Feminist Ideas About Women", "The Idols of Agnostics", "Pride The Supreme Evil", "The Dead Words of Pacifists", "False Mirror of Success", "Two Creeds in Collision", "My Country, Right or Wrong?", and "A Peace Worthy of War".

Volumes 27 through 37 are collected columns from The Illustrated London News. Most of the weekly articles Chesterton wrote for The Illustrated London News have never been printed in book form until Ignatius Press undertook to do the collected works. These volumes contain all of Chesterton's columns in The Illustrated London News, beginning in 1905. The great majority have never appeared in book form. Chesterton lovers will be delighted to find this treasure filled with jewels quite the match of his best writing.

Table of Contents:

France, England and the Channel Tunnel
The Self-Concealment of Foreign Places
Being Too Serious about Animals
Some New Truths about Russia
Books and Enlightenment
The Death of Paul Déroulède
The Duties of a Citizen
On Missing the Point
The Future of the Jews
Mr. Galsworthy's Bill of Complaints
The New Credulity
The Apostles of Unreason - and Myself
The Battle of the Sexes
On Lecturing the Suffragettes
Five Stupidities in the Abstinence Movement
The Suffragettes and Temperance
Why People - and Nations - Quarrel
On Understanding French Politics
The Ignorance of the Newspapers
The Sunday Closing Bill
On Tight Skirts
Feminist Ideas about Women
The Fatigue of the Suffragettes
The Idols of the Agnostics
The Romance and the Realities of the Middle Ages
Australia and Other New Countries
The Rootlessness of the Futurists
Religion as a Formality
Further Truths about Russia
The Landslide of Divorce
The Caillaux Case and the Two Sexes
The Cranks of the Higher Thought
Pride: The Supreme Evil
The Peasant Who Became a Pope
Professor Hornack and Teutonism
England's Tie to the Prussians
The Historic Reality of the Alliance
England's Interests and England's Honour
The Case of Belgium
The Serbs in History: Harnack and Teutonism, Again
The Dead Words of the Pacifists
The German Temperament
Misunderstanding the French
On the English Plot against the Germans
The Teetotal Laws in Wartime
The Current Scene

Taking a Proper View of the Prussians
The Peace Fever
What We Are Fighting For
The Problem of Conscription
On Taking Victory Too Seriously
The Symbolism of the Dead Airman
The Materialism of the Pacifists
The Importance of Doing Nothing
Some Recent German Apologetics, and the Truth
German Evil and English Weakness
On German Unconquerability
The Changing German Tone
The Illogic of the Pacifists
The Apologies of the Germans
The Statue of Hindenburg
What the Germans Really Mean
Optimism and Pessimism about the War
The Prussian Strikes a Pose
The Little-Known Englishman
The Dumba Affair and the Americans
False Notions about the French
Irish Propaganda for the Germans
The God of Battles
The English Entry into Europe
Making Peace with the Prussians
The New Conscription Plan
Eugenics, Principles and German Arrogance
The Weaknesses of Our Leaders 
The False Mirror of Success
Mr. Ford's Peace Plan
The Prussian Truce Officer
The Peril of Peace

A Peace Worthy of the War
Whitewashing the Prussians
The Haziness of Current German Rhetoric
Bad Arguments for and against Conscription
Is the War Just a Misunderstanding?
The German Trust in Bluff
The German Disdain for the Russians
The Proper Role for Ireland
My Country, Right or Wrong?
German Militarism and German Science
On My Not Knowing the Germans
Press Interference in the Conduct of the War
The Difference between French and German Fighting
War upon the Weak
The Unexpected Length of the War
On Rescuing the Serbs
Rhetoric in the Reichstag
Some Extreme Praise of German Culture
The Prussian Spell over Germany
The German Taste for Mythology
The Cases of Ireland and Poland
Answering Professor Walz's Germanism
Professor Walz on the Nations
What the Map Does Not Tell
The Death of Kitchener
English Misrule in Ireland - and the Prussians
On the Miseducation of the English
Two Versions of Jutland
The Old Ways of the Generals
Two Creeds in Collision
On German Self-Complacency
The German Evasion of Truth
Another German Pretence
The Irreligion of Germany
Some Pro-German Apologetics
On Pardoning the Prussians
Germany and the Modern Spirit
Our Real Case against Prussianism
Burke and England's Trade Unions
The Flexibility of Free Thought
Mr. Wells and Nationalism
The Accusation of German Magnanimity
The Attack on Roumania [Romania]
An Extreme Revolt against War
The German Admiration of England
Being Proud about This War
The Prussian Locomotive and Its Crash
The Reappearance of the Unmoral Man
The Teuton Awakes to Wrath
The Attack on the Politicians
Seeing the Large Picture
The German Chancellor's Recent Offer of Peace
Learning about Our Allies

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