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Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton Volume 29 - Illustrated London News, 1911-1913

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Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton Volume 29

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Can Chesterton always be at his best? Well, Chesterton is always Chesterton. Here is a scattered sampling of the titles in this third volume of Illustrated London News articles: "Fashionable Suffragettes and the Truly Feminine", "Bad Sentences and Bad Theology", "Capitalism and Marriage", "The Failure of Words in Our Time", "On Glorifying Divorce", "The Modern Anti-Democracy", "Modern Womanhood", "Too Much Vox Populi?", "The Curse of Labels", "The Broadening Down of Democracy", "Science in America", "The Causes of War", "On Being Old-Fashioned", and--surely helpful for us all--"The Right to Denounce Things".

Volumes 27 through 37 are collected columns from The Illustrated London News. Most of the weekly articles Chesterton wrote for The Illustrated London News have never been printed in book form until Ignatius Press undertook to do the collected works. These volumes contain all of Chesterton's columns in The Illustrated London News, beginning in 1905. The great majority have never appeared in book form. Chesterton lovers will be delighted to find this treasure filled with jewels quite the match of his best writing.

Table of Contents:

This Election, This Christmas
Christmas and Disarmament
On Being Old-Fashioned
The Causes of War
The Conserving and Reforming Parties
The Novelist and the Libel Laws
Japan and the West
What Is a Beggar?
The Party System
Two Kinds of Paradox
Some Secularist Confusions
A Nightmare of Nonsense
Shaw on Marriage
Science in America
The Meaning of Words
Suffrage and the Family
The Naming of Children
The Duties of the Police
Mormonism and Theology
Two Versions of English History
Is Parliament Corrupt?
Two Sides to a Question
Dressing up for Shakespeare
Persecuting Small Offenders
Bacon and Shakespeare
Different Nations, Different Styles
The Coronation and the English People
The Coronation in London as Seen from Beaconsfield
On Going back for a Clearer View
Religion, Politics and Duty
The Young Turks and Their Western Models
On Crazy Writing and Crazy Prophesies
On the Relations between the Races
The Broadening Down of Democracy
The Episode of the Die-Hards
Too Much Vox Populi?
The True Welsh Spirit
The Liberal Unionists and Home Rule
What the Newspapers Don't See
Fine Thought in a Complex Civilization
The Curse of Labels
On Sea-Serpents and Doubt
The English Family in the Courtroom
The Turks and European Morality
The Meaning of Loyalty
A Man and His Message
Problems - Social and Others
The Common Citizen and Foreign Policy
The Obscurity of British Law
The Small Pleasures of the Poor
The Dangers of Having Only One Thought
The Laborer of the Future

Government - in England and in Italy
Mystical Belief and Popular Government
Puritan Censorship and the Drama
On Lopped and Imperfect Traditions
On Pitying the Beasts
Some Sensible Things in Tolstoy
Madness and Responsibility
The Political Parties and Bureaucracy
Things Turning into Their Opposite
Free Will in Life and in the Drama
Moral Principles and the Law
Conversion without a Creed
On the Unanimity of Opinion
On Making Rules for Exceptional Men
On Prison Reform
The Silliness of Educated People
The Realty of Nationalism
The Great Shipwreck as Analogy
The Different Americans
The Detention of Inebriates
Where Are the Second-Class Railroad Carriages?
Seventy Years of The Illustrated London News
The Importance of Not Being Earnest
The Power of the Expert
The Right Way to Denounce Things
The Collapse of Part Labels
The Tameness of Modern Reform
Fashionable Suffragettes and the Truly Feminine
The New Insurance Act
The Misapplication of Second-hand Ideas
The Death of Andrew Lang
Bad Sentences and Bad Theology
Public Education and Other Negative Revolutions
The Incomplete Vision of Modernity
The New Ancestor Worship
On Empty Political Debates
Capitalism and Marriage
Thoughts on Modern Wars and Armies
Two Notions of Reform
The Mildness of Our Species
The Laws against Vagrants
(Chesterton did not contribute a column this week.)
The Difficulties of the Simple Life
Journalism and Culture
Talking about Germany and the War
The Suffragettes and Civilization
Civilization and Progress
Socialism and the Nations
Seeing the Difference
Progress and Human Failure
The Dignity of Cleanliness

Dickens at Christmastime
Bacon and Shakespeare, Again
On Recognizing Real Differences
The Meaning of Joy
On Glorifying Divorce
Abuses of the Party System
Punishment and the Montessori Method
The Family and the Threat of Evil
The Failure of Words in Our Time
The Modern Anti-Democracy
Bad Writing and Bad Ideas
What Is the New Thought?
Two Points about the Eugenists
The Danger of Trashy Tales
On Criticizing Evils - Lightly and Seriously
More Laws against the Poor
The Income Tax as Social Experiment
The Unpredictability of Humanity
The Conspiracy for Conscription
The Vivisection Libel Case
The Villains of History
A Fear for English Freedom
New Titles for Our Parties
Tolerating Other Religions
How to Look at Photographs
The Death of George Wyndham
Courage and Liberals
The Poet Laureateship
Mr. Birrell on George Borrow
The Habits of the Crank
The Cranks of Secular Education
Truth in Historical Novels
Modern Womanhood
Our Foreign Correspondents
Old Priests, New Scientists
The New Greek Revival
On Understanding Truisms
The Ways of Party Controversy
Modern Romances and Censorship
Religion on the Stage
The Good Old Times and the Bad Old Times
The Importance of the Word
Montrose and the Modern World
The Supposed Progress of Man
The World of Early Christianity
On Uneducating the Educated
Getting to Know the Middle Ages
The Fulfillment of Wishes
Drawing the Moral Line
Witches and Modern Sin
The German Emperor
Christmas versus the Future
An Elderly Appreciation of Christmas

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