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Learn About Mary, the Mother of God

Her titles seem innumerable: Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, Theotokos (God bearer), Our Lady, Blessed Mother, Mother of all Christians, Panagia (All Holy), Queen of Heaven, the Madonna. Yet even among Catholics, there are many who don’t fully know or understand the teachings of the Church. Aquinas and More carries a very wide selection of orthodox Marian books, CDs, and DVDs, to help any Catholic learn more about Our Blessed Mother.

Introductory Books

There are several titles available that provide an overview of Marian topics. Since they aim to encompass a wide variety of subjects related to Mary, the overviews are largely brief and concise, as the subject matter allows. This is not to say they are not useful or lack information. On the contrary, these books provide wonderful introductory insight on various Marian topics, and are useful for answering specific questions, bringing information to people who may know very little about Mary, and as a jumping-off point for delving deeper into Mariology.

The Dictionary of Mary and the Encyclopedia of Mary are laid out alphabetically, to make it easy to flip through in search of specific topics and information. An Introduction to Mary is designed to be used both in the parish and collegiate settings as an informational tool for long-standing Catholics, new Catholics, and those curious about Catholicism alike. Also available is the Essential Mary Handbook, which, as its title implies, is a handbook containing a summary of Marian teaching, devotions, and terms. Aquinas and More also carries several titles exploring the life of Mary.

Marian Apologetics

The topic of Mary appears frequently in apologetic works. There is a lot of misunderstanding of the Church’s teaching on Marian subjects, and many attacks and accusations as to how the Church honors her. Whether the result of a simple lack of understanding or of an inherently anti-Catholic intention, there have been many false claims as to how the Catholic Church views Mary, such as that she is viewed as a goddess or that we are caught up in superstition. Because of this, the subject of Mary in apologetics is very critical. Aquinas and More carries several apologetic books that use scripture and other ancient Church writings to explain and defend the subject of the Mother of God. These titles can be found by clicking here.


The word ‘theology’ literally means the study of God, based on the Greek words Theos (god) and logos (rational utterance). Mariology is therefore the most literal way to describe the study of Mary; however, the term Marian Theology is also used. The subject of Mariology is vast, covering the study of Mary’s life, Marian prayer, the significance of apparitions, and Mary in art, music and architecture.

Mariology or Marian Theology books, which can be found by clicking here, therefore include overview, introductory books, as well as more in-depth, scholarly texts, such as Mary and the Fathers of the Church, and Mariology, which is intended for priests, deacons and seminarians.

Mary and the Saints

Many of the Church’s pious and beloved saints had special devotions to Our Lady, who is a model for us all. St. Louis De Montfort has written much on devotion to Our Blessed Mother, and some of the revelations experienced by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich give insight to Mary’s life. Mary also appeared to many saints and blesseds throughout history. Among the most popular are the Guadalupe, Lourdes, and Fatima apparitions; you can find books on these events and more in our Marian apparitions section.

The Rosary and Marian Devotion

The rosary is one of the oldest and most popular Marian devotions. Aquinas and More carries a wide selection of books ranging from concise ‘How to Pray the Rosary’ booklets to books and documents that discuss the theology and history of the rosary. You can browse our selection by clicking here. Additionally, if you are looking for rosary beads, our large selection can be found here. To learn about other Marian devotions, such as the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin and Total Consecration to Mary, browse our selection here.

Mary For Children

If you are looking for resources to help teach children about the Blessed Mother and Marian devotions, be sure to look at our selection of Books about Mary for children. Among the titles available, there are books for teaching the rosary to children, sharing Marian apparitions with children and coloring and activity books about Mary. Providing information, activities, and projects, Marian Devotions in the Domestic Church is ideal for either school or family use.

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